2 is Better than 1!! 🧠❤️

Thanks to another Tough Cookie for a great piece about the importance of using both your Head & your Heart! 🧠❤️

Making big decisions can be hard. I have made a few recently – moving to a new continent alone, leaving my job and starting a new life. I have learned a lot and want to share some of my thoughts.

When I made these decisions I thought long and hard about whether they made sense for me. They did. I was furthering my career, I was going to be living in a fantastic city with a great work/life balance and I would meet amazing people. So I moved.

I loved my new job, it was exciting, challenging and fun. I was meeting great people. I was paid well and living in a beautiful apartment. But I wasn’t happy. I was confused by this. On paper I was in a great situation.

I made myself really busy so I’d be too distracted to think about what was making me unhappy. This actually worked for a little time until I found myself dreading the weekend when I had time to myself and any evening I was alone.

I realized I was homesick. I missed my friends and family. So much. I had lived abroad before but never felt anything like this. I also realized that I was more interested in life back home than the new one around me.

I then re-evaluated my situation and found I made a big oversight. During my common sense approach of moving and finding this great job I forgot to listen to my heart. I was just listening to my head.

“Listening to your head isn’t a bad thing but it should always be accompanied by your heart”

My decisions didn’t take my emotions into consideration. If anything I ignored them entirely and it caught up on me.

Likewise, following your heart alone can lead to problems too. For example, you realise you want to travel the world and see many beautiful places. Immediately packing your bags and heading to the airport may not be smart. Perhaps it would be wiser to consult your head too. Make a rough plan, budget your trip, find out what visas/shots you may need. I know this advice isn’t glamorous but it’s hard to enjoy a trip if you are sick or can’t get into the country.

So having listened to both my head and heart I have worked out a plan to return home and be around my family and friends once again.

Next time I make a big decision I’m going to make sure I listen to my head and heart.