Take Some Time for R&R 💆🏻‍♀️

Have You been Working too much Lately? Have You been Taking on a lot? Is it taking its toll on your Health & Well-being? Do You need some Rest?
For me I tend to sometimes run myself into the ground, it can be all go go go and then I can end up feeling ‘floored’. I have improved my skills of listening to my body however at times I still find it really difficult to say ‘NO’
I hate feeling like I’m letting others down, that I can’t help them out or that I may ‘miss out’ an opportunity! Because of this at times I can take too many commitments on, become so eager & want to succeed & please people. It’s also equally as important to please myself and feel rewarded and proud of my achievements. Sometimes being an Entrepreneur and owning my own business can be challenging in that there can be a Fear that if you don’t take every opportunity that comes along you’re not progressing & moving forward enough, or fast enough. I think the same can be said in many areas of life. We can sometimes feel we can’t say No to that friend who asks us the favour, to our children who are wanting to go here, there & everywhere! We don’t like to feel like we are letting anyone down and Guilt can play Havoc in our lives, within our mind & body.
I’ve been off work the last two days with a dose, feeling run down & I know my body is needing Rest and Recuperation. I must Listen to it, I cannot push it further. It doesn’t serve me any use if I do. I know I’ve been extremely busy lately (which is wonderful) however I have forgotten to take time to slow down, to rest & relax enough. I’d been training, working, setting up my new business space and also I’m in the middle of my Masters in Psychotherapy. I’ve committed to a lot of Workshops & Trainings in the next two months and I’m so very grateful, however I do need to press the Pause button and slow down that little bit more.
Ways I am Committing to Resting and Slowing Down:
*Saying No: I realise how difficult I find it to say No to someone and can put myself last just to please others at times. It is a learning process and I’m getting better! Don’t allow Guilt to come along and eat you up!
*Take 30mins for ‘Me’ each day

What’s been Your Path this Last Year? 👣

This morning I have done something that I usually don’t and something that in the past I would have found quite difficult and challenging. What did I do?

I paused, I acknowledged and I looked back at my past year and I felt proud! I looked at how far I have come over the last year, I checked back at my blog posts and the one below was from this time last year. I felt lost, I felt I needed to have and know ALL the answers, know what path to take, to have CONTROL over my life. I felt my energy dipping, like everything was such a struggle.

What I didn’t know is that I was making it that way, I was blocking myself, not seeing clearly and that having a blank canvas and blank mind IS actually a positive. It’s where you want to be! There is a limitless amount of potential and possibility when the mind is blank, room to create, room to dream, to take action and to fill that blank canvas with brilliant, bright colour!!

This is exactly what I AM doing! I’m excited about today, about tomorrow, I’m trusting the plan for me, I’m facing fears, taking action, not waiting for it all to just happen, that approach doesn’t work if you don’t ‘work’!

Those times last year when I felt like giving up, like I was blank have all been worth it, I now TRUST that all is already well. We live so much in fear, afraid that we won’t survive!

Today take a look back on your last year. Look back at the steps you took, the path you have taken. You’re STILL here. You Got Through, you Survived those challenges. You were guided. You’re provided for. Everything comes good in the end!


The TIME is NOW 💪🏻🙌🏻⏰

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Time heals everything” or “With Time you will heal”

I’m not so sure I agree. 🤔

I would add “IF you WANT to Heal”

Nobody escapes pain and hurt in this life sadly. It can leave you feeling vulnerable, angry, frustrated, hopeless and a mixture of many more emotions. This week I realised for me very often emotions surface together eg. Happiness that is tinged with sadness, Sadness that follows Anger, Tiredness that seeps in after Determination. So very often we feel more than one emotion at a time. It can be really difficult to pinpoint what we feel then? Which do we feel more strongly? Which one is the ‘rootcause?

My advice is don’t get too het up on them, the important thing is to identify them, feel those emotions and acknowledge them. Try your best not to hide, suppress them or lock them away. I’m living proof that if you do that those painful emotions manifest in other ways throughout your body causing other problems and sickness. It’s better to try to allow them in even for a couple of seconds.

Yes I do FULLY agree that ‘Time is a Great Healer’ but time won’t heal YOU unless YOU want to heal you.

“Take Control

Begin Today

Those Unpleasant Feelings

You CAN Wash Away!”

(Deirdre Ward)

‘Me Time’ 🙋🏻💭

Do you enjoy your own company or is it too lonely for you? Lately I’m loving my own company more and more. In a world where life can get hectic, when there are ongoing demands/pressure on you, people affecting your mood it can all just get too much. Sometimes I love to just get away, to the buzz of a city or the calm of the country, be alone, people watch and have nobody ‘watch’ me or know me.

During the weekend I did just that and I headed off to Belfast on Saturday for the night. Yes this was how I wanted to celebrate my turning 30, nope not by the typical party, not with friends/family, just by myself and to feel alive and get ‘lost’ in the hub of a city. Perhaps some of you may see this as sad or lonely but I’m sure there’s also many of you that totally get why at times being in your own company away from familiar faces/places is just the tonic!

Saturday set out with shivers as it was a freezing cold, crisp day. Finding my whereabouts to begin with and browsing through the shops. Yes an odd purchase here and there! The ‘buzz’ not quite evident but it was only noon plus it was baltic! A buzz I most certainly had when I went to the chic little café ‘Harlem‘ for my lunch. The sound of chatter & laughter, the smell of delicious food and the most beautiful setting with candles, flowers and antique furniture setting the scene. I had landed in the buzz I was looking for! Everyone seemed to be happy, couples sharing food deep in conversation, friends and families enjoying each other’s company, ladies lunching! I sat and soaked up the atmosphere for the guts of two hours, had lunch, read, wrote, sipped coffee and people watched! (My favourite past time ha ha!!)

In the evening I headed off to the MAC theatre to watch a Primecut double bill production. Each based on two distinct and differing mental health plots based on true stories. The first depicted a man’s struggle with depression and his five attempts at suicide, ‘Everyday I Wake Up Hopeful’ His struggle to actually go ahead with the act of taking his own life, stuck in an extremely dark place, drinking himself silly with alcohol and angry about his life and his situation. Every day he would waken feeling hopeful that today would be the day he would go through with his suicide.

The second ‘East Belfast Boy’ based on a young fella sucked into the world of drugs, being an addict and a dealer. I was completely blown away by this individual’s portrayal of a life on drugs, the psychotic mind, the come downs and extreme lows after the high, the ‘voices’ in his head and the sleepless nights of paranoia. For me who is quite naive when it comes to the world of drugs (thankfully may I add!!) it touched my heart at how difficult a life is when hooked. How it isn’t living at all. These two stories, the stark reality for some of life today.

Yesterday morning saw sunny rays shining! Off I went to a beautiful mass at St Malachy’s Church. For me it gives me peace, it settles my mind and I feel protected for the day ahead. Yesterday’s ‘buzz’ lay in the heart of St. George’s Market where there is stall upon stall of hand crafted goods, homemade treats, savoury snacks, collectibles and souvenirs. The market was alive with people and I felt alive! Once again, just the tonic I needed. I enjoyed a delicious crêpe & coffee while watching the world go by!

For me the weekend was just what my soul needed, my heart felt full of love, I felt energised and alive. It also confirmed for me that the city life wouldn’t suit me on a day to day basis, I’d miss the serenity, peace and calm of the ocean! But it is certainly a place to recharge those batteries, to jumpstart the adrenaline and to ‘get lost’ in life 🏙🙋🏻👌Sometimes get lost in ‘another life‘!

“Can you be Present

In your Own Presence?

A Must for Me

It’s When I ‘See’


Those who act Sincerely!”

(Deirdre Ward)

Here’s to the Next Chapter, My 30’s 📘

Well my 20’s have come to a close today and I welcome my 30’s with much wonder and to be honest hopeful excitement. It’s not that my 20’s have been bad but nostalgically looking back down those last 10 years the struggles and hard times undoubtedly for me outweigh the happier times.

It wasn’t until recently enough that my eyes were opened somewhat to those experiences that predominantly shaped my 20’s. It was when my therapist shed light on the fact that I didn’t have a ‘typical teenager’s’ life growing up, heading out on the town at weekends and getting up to innocent fun. (I question whether this is even ‘typical’ anymore!!) Yes I had plenty of nights out at home and during my college years but what was always lurking in the background for me were those constant fears and worries around my Mam’s illness and her inevitable death. I don’t think I ever sat back and acknowledged at the time or afterwards how difficult it was, how I was under constant stress and anxiety about those massive fears for almost 9years. How I had to grow up quickly and become wise beyond my years.

Only yesterday did I say to her how I feel the last 10 years could be summed up by “Mam’s Illness and Death” In saying this I don’t for a second mean I didn’t have the most wonderful experiences during the last ten years, I travelled, I met some amazing people, new friends, I lived in Abu Dhabi, I became a ‘Rose’, I raised over €15,000 for charity, I volunteered in Chernobyl, I completed a skydive, I launched my own business UNLOCK… I would never look back despite the challenges. Each and every one has shaped me to be who I am today and for that reason I’m grateful. I have learned a lot!!

Lessons I’m Carrying on into my 30’s:

*Be Gentle: For too long I’ve ‘beaten’ myself up for not being ‘good enough’, for not succeeding fully at something, for not being perfect. I have been my own worst enemy for too long and I’m tired of it. I’ll fleetingly acknowledge my efforts, my abilities, my love, my beauty but no sooner as I catch a glimpse of them I once again seem to slip back into the blurred view, the doubting ‘Deirdre’. For my 30’s I’m promising to be gentle with myself.

*Put Yourself 1st: All too often I would have went along with the ‘right’ thing to do, putting other people’s needs first, disregarding my own. I have learned the MASSIVE lesson that not everyone will ‘give’ how you ‘give’ to others, not everyone has the same standards and not everyone has the same empathy/kindness. This has most definitely been one of the hardest lessons to learn in the latter years of my 20’s. As I step into my 30’s I’m not putting expectations on people’s actions/responses and so then I’m not setting myself up for the fall and to feel hurt.

*Have Fun: I have been lacking fun in my life and a sense of carefreeness & innocence. My work that I’m so passionate about is to help children to Be and Feel Free, to Unlock their hurt, their fears and doubts so that they can have that sense of wonder, that fun and lightheartedness. For my 30’s I’m adding playfulness and spontaneity into my life! Watch Out!

*Listen: I have always been a good listener but all too often I’ve not listened to myself, my body, my gut. Probably listened to that head of mine too much! I heard a beautiful saying for the first time yesterday: LIVE by the SUN, LOVE by the MOONEssentially it means that during the day it’s necessary to be logic, to be proactive with work, to get things done, to take the practical route, that makes sense. Contrary to this is Loving by the Moon which means to follow your heart, to be emotional, take risks, say how you feel, live for the moment and ‘get out of your head’.

For my 30’s I’m choosing to “LOVE by the MOON” 🌛

“Age is but a Number,

Wake Up out of your Slumber!

Love by the Moon

Free as a Balloon

Floating & Light

A Beautiful Sight!”

(Deirdre Ward)

The🔑to my 2018! 👩🏻‍💼

Don’t worry this isn’t going to be your typical New Years Resolution Blog about all the changes I’m going to make and to better myself physically, emotionally, mentally etc etc etc.

NO! What it IS going to be is that I’m beginning to accept where I’m at, who I am, who I’m not, who I can’t be to others and to be OK with that. Because of my beginning in life, being adopted ( and yes I firmly believe I have carried the feeling of being ‘unwanted’ subconsciously all this time ) I used to try my damnedest to ‘fit’ into role for everybody in my life. Jeeeez! Tough going when you’re only ONE person and when you consider ALL the people in your life that you meet! But Deirdre tried it! And Yes failed miserably at times, but not ‘all’ of the time!!! 😉😂

Well this year definitely was one of major learning and no longer am I playing ‘Guess Who’ for who I need to be for others. Who I need to be for ME is ALL I need to do.

I have always doubted myself, my beauty, my capabilities, my decisions, constantly relying on my family, my friends and strangers to compliment work I’ve done, something I’ve accomplished, my looks, my figure: you name it the list goes on. That too gets tiring and I’m slowly but surely starting to see my own worth, to see my inner beauty which is what shines through, to see my capabilities and to know & TRUST who I am, what I feel, what I want and what I can do.

I did ‘UNLOCK’ myself because I truly didn’t know who I was for many years, I was afraid to turn the key and open my heart but NOW, well NOW I have an open heart, open arms, an open mind and most importantly an open soul. Only last night while messaging a dear friend did I say ‘why do I open up and let people in so much because it can lead to me being hurt’ but as she reminded me it IS a beautiful characteristic, it IS a gift and it IS how I want to live.


Today 01/01/18 marks the launch of my business venture “UNLOCK” and I just cannot wait to help others especially children to find their key to live, love and lead the life they long for.

Have a look @ http://www.unlockirl.ie 🌟


I may be

But Making a Difference

Is What I See!

(Deirdre Ward)

What’s Your Destination? 🚗

As Christmas 2017 ends and 2018 is quickly approaching I’m trying my best to see what’s important for me for this new year ahead, to put in place habits & routines that are good for me and to try to improve my life.

That big 30 isn’t far off and to be brutally honest I’m not where I thought I’d be at nearly 30. Why do we set ‘marks’ to reach by certain ages? There is no rule book. Who knows what’s best for me at a given stage?

I for one will be quite happy to turn the chapter on 2017. A tough year with many lessons. Not all bad but certainly more of an uphill climb. My perspective, my values and my priorities in life keep changing and adjusting. All for the better. I ashamedly put my hand up and admit that before (not too long ago) material items like clothes, handbags were important to me, to look stylish, to have that bronzed tan and to drive a nice car. Nice things are nice and yes it’s nice to have them. But when life knocks you, when health flares, when loved ones are ill/frail, when special people have passed on these materialistic things definitely don’t help, don’t ease heartache, don’t fix your body and really don’t truly make you happy.

For me I want to fill my 2018 with memorable moments shared with family, friends, new acquaintances and those strangers I meet. What about those ‘nice things?’ Of course I’ll enjoy them and life is for living but I will work hard, give a lot, love with no limits and try my best to see the good in each day.

“Life is Precious

Find Your Essence”

(Deirdre Ward)

Longing for Love? 💞

Whether you’re married, in a relationship or single, love takes work, it takes time and commitment, it’s not always blissfully happy but it’s up to you whether or not to put the effort in to keep that spark alive, to hold on to those butterflies and to keep Love alight. 

Are you fully whole and complete on your own? For some yes, a single life is preferred, to only worry and look after oneself, its not necessarily selfish just some people know a relationship is not for them. I do believe you’ve to become fully ‘whole’ within yourself, know yourself inside out before you can know and commit to another. 

Don’t be in a rush to find that somebody special, don’t talk yourself into believing a certain somebody is the ‘one’ especially if they’re not proving it. In a panic about your life? Your age? There are NO rules or set milestones to have to reach at certain ages. Slow Down! Don’t settle. If you settle you might just regret it further down the line. Yes perhaps it’s impossible to have all ‘boxes ticked’ but it is possible to have some ticked! Nobody is perfect but life can feel perfect with somebody who can make you feel perfect. For me it’s somebody who understands me, supports me in all I do, shows me love every day and works hard to keep those butterflies flying within. Love doesn’t have to get stale? 

Go on those adventures, laugh uncontrollably, be spontaneous, it’s never too late to spark that flame again. And if you’re looking for that spark, it will come, perhaps when you ‘least expect it’ have you heard that before?!!!! 🙈😂 

“Life Slips By

In the Blink of an Eye

So Short & Fast

Don’t Allow another Second to Pass

Show Love

Speak Love 

But don’t be in a Rush to ‘be in love’ 

The One will Come Along

And you’ll wonder how you ever Sang a Song” 

(Deirdre Ward) 

What’s the Time? ⏳⏰

What age are you? When are you settling down? When are you starting a family? Why haven’t you done that yet? Have you not done that yet? 


We are ALL too preoccupied with time and look at our watches/clocks too much throughout the day. Yes I know we need to be aware of the time of day and certain meetings/appointments etc we have to make. 

How about we loosen up just a little? How about we don’t wear our watch for a day and not be so consumed by every minute of our lives? Do we put immense  pressure on ourselves to be at particular places at a specific time, always rushing about keeping our lives busy busy, never slowing down taking a day to unwind, rest and have some self-care to become grounded once again with our life and our body? 

We can become so panicked by time. We can compare our situations with so many of our friend’s lives and become unsettled and worried that we are not progressing or following the ‘norm’ and the ‘usual’ procedures/plans. What is normal? What is the usual timeframe for life? Why do we feel such a think exists? There are no set ages/time limits in place for when we need to achieve particular milestones. Why do we feel that we need to be married by a certain age, starting a family, having the perfect career etc Who puts that pressure on us? Nobody but ourselves

I believe wholeheartedly in ‘Perfect Timing’. Looking back at my life I wanted various things to happen so badly at specific times e.g I wanted to win the ‘Rose of Tralee’ thinking it would solve all my problems at the time – that I would move home from Abu Dhabi, that I would have a platform to promote my Tough Cookie Blog and Children’s Programme etc 

I have wanted particularly this past half a year to meet that special someone in life that ‘sets my soul on fire‘, to love me for me and to bring love and excitement into my life. 

Looking back on these examples I know that things have not worked out the way I would have wished them to for very important and meaningful reasons. I am so GRATEFUL. The reason being, for starters I want to make a name for myself and I am determined to make the name ‘Deirdre Ward‘ known for the sole fact of me being me and for not having had won a title of Rose of Tralee or any other platform. I want to be associated purely and solely for who I am – Deirdre. It would have been too ‘easy’ in ways to have a platform to promote myself and my ideas/programme and perhaps I would not have worked as hard as I have done so this past year or be as determined and passionate as I am today about my vision. I truly believe in these reasons and I am ever so grateful. 

The love I speak of that sets my soul on fire.. will it happen? For SURE. Why has it not? I firmly believe it is about timing and that I have not been ready this last half a year due to the fact that it is only NOW that I am truly loving myself for the first time in my life and as clichéd as it sounds but as true as it is: “nobody can love you until you begin to love yourself

These are just two examples of how the Time was just not MY TIME! We all have those moments when we shine, when life is blissfully happy, when the pieces of the jigsaw begin to fit, when coincidences happen but in reality they’re not coincidences at all it’s all down to ‘PERFECT TIMING‘. 

“All is as it should be right at this moment in time and I am exactly where I need to be for now” I am trusting in this and I believe in it.  

“The Alarm will Sound

The Bell will Ring

The Cuckoo will Call

You’ll hear them ALL!

When the Time is Right

Your Life will take Flight 

Trust that You’ll Rise

You’ll Soar to the Skies”

(Deirdre Ward) 

Let the Past Slip Away, Look forward to the Future with Wonder & Live in This Moment Fully 💯🙌🏻⏳

I hope everyone had a great day on Sunday and that Santa was good! 👌🎅🏻 I went out socialising last night in my local town. It was fantastic to see the small town busy with familiar faces, all back home for the festive season. One of the best times to head out and have those catch ups with people from your past whom you haven’t seen in a while. 

I met people that I went to school with, people that haven’t been home in years. It’s so nice to reminisce and reflect on good times from the past. 

A few people stated how they felt ‘old’ and mentioned how time is moving by so fast. Time is a peculiar thing. Some of us will it to move forward and faster, some of us want it to slow down and at times we want a particular moment to freeze and last forever. We all feel these certain ways at various stages in our lives. Of course there’s times in the past we all would love to relive but that can never happen, no moment can be relived, life is ever changing, moving and in constant transition. We sadly can’t press the fast foward button either and make our lives/situations magically speed up and change in an instant. 

For me personally I look forward to this coming year. I’m quite happy to close the door on 2016. In saying this however, if I didn’t experience the challenges and ‘times’ in 2016 where I wanted to jump into that time machine and fast forward to my future I wouldn’t be where I am or who I am at at this very moment. Each second really IS precious and valuable. I’m sure there’s been so many times in your life when you happened to be at a particular place at a particular second that may have saved you your life, made you learn something profound, experienced a beautiful moment etc Timing is Fascinating. 

Some times it can seem dreadful, life changing, negative, unbearable. Other times a particular time is precious, loving, euphoric, utterly brilliant. I am a firm believer in timing being so perfectly orchestrated by the universe and how it really isn’t down to us at all. We are ALL at this particular time in our lives for a specific reason, reasons that may unfold for us in the future or perhaps reasons that we will never understand. We have just got to TRUST time. 

Some of us may feel ‘stuck‘ in the past. We are afraid of fully being in the ‘here and now’ and are fearful of the future and what may lay ahead. One of my favourite quotes being 

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery, today is a gift that’s why we call it the present” 

It is so true that we need to leave the past in the past, what happened yesterday cannot and will not happen again, that particular time is gone. Yes we can recall those times, yes we can look fondly back at memories of joy, love and feel glad to have experienced them. Some memories are painful and we are thankful that they remain in the past. We are grateful for those times to have passed. The same is true for the future. We cannot and will never be able to predict what will happen in the next second never mind the year that lies ahead. Life is always moving and changing and we are not in control. We must surrender to the notion of having any ‘control’ over it because we are quite powerless when it comes to the future. What’s for you certainly won’t pass you! 

The best time zone to be in truly is the present moment. This being the most challenging task. It can be extremely difficult not to allow the mind to slip back into the past, old ways of thinking, old beliefs etc and it can also be a huge struggle to not jump into the future, to worry about the times that lie ahead and fear the unknown that is ahead of us. 

“Enjoy THIS Second 

You’ll NEVER get it Back


Share YOUR Presence Fully 

And YOU won’t need to


(Deirdre Ward) 

Follow Your “Roadmap” Today 

We ALL wear wounds. Some are hidden, some are evident and some are deeper than others. I believe everyone goes through life with some hurt and heartache whether it’s self inflicted, in response to the actions of others or experiences that are totally out of one’s control. We all have our own “roadmap” where somewhere along our journey we picked up these wounds. The question I pose is whether the road remains closed forever more or is it passable and the journey continues? 

I saw this quote yesterday and it struck a chord within and made me think of my own wounds. 

Too often I feel the advice that we get and hear is that we must open the can of worms, face our demons and the hurt within us at our core. Yes I fully agree that we all need to face those hurtful times that caused those wounds in order to overcome them and heal. However when do we stop ‘touching those wounds?’ This quote made me question ‘time‘. When do we stop touching those old wounds in order to move on and forget them? Do we ever forget them fully? Do we want to ever fully erase them? Haven’t those wounds brought great lessons, insights and essentially made us who we are in this very moment? 

I’m not sure I have any answers! Personally I feel that wounds remain forever in our lives, the actions/words can be removed and erased but in my opinion the feelings can never totally vanish. It is extremely difficult to forget how someone makes you feel or certain scenarios/situations – positive/negative. 

In saying that I also believe yes it is necessary to stop touching certain wounds, going back to that blockage on the road in order to move. Everything is transient, nothing stays the same, we are always moving and time is always ticking. In order to refocus one’s life, progress and reach one’s vision/goals we must get out of our heads and become more in tune with our hearts/gut feelings. We need to forget those inner obstacles and just go with the flow of life at times. 

Personally I feel I need to get ‘out of my head’. Recently that inner voice has taken more control than I’ve warranted. I’ve been procrastinating and I’ve had enough! I’ve re-centered myself, I feel focused once more and clear of my goals/targets I wish to reach. 

“Wounds heal

Scars remain

Don’t allow a scar

To pull your reins” 

(Deirdre Ward) 


Why do terrorist attacks happen? Why do people feel that it is acceptable to take the lives of another into their own hands? We should all have the right to die and pass on when the time is right naturally. Whenever I hear of suicide bombers or other tragic attacks it puzzles me as to what is so wrong in someone’s life to feel it’s justifiable to take another’s and possibly their own. I always reach the same conclusion that there must be a huge lack of love in that person’s life, he/she must have been struggling mentally and desperately trying to fill some void that was within. I believe we are all good, just some take a wrong path, some are influenced by others, desperately trying to receive recognition/acceptance and love. What would the world be like if we all possessed these attributes from a young age? If we loved ourselves completely, if we felt accepted, if we express ourselves emotionally. Would it help to eradicate the violence, cruelty, sadness in the world? In my opinion it would certainly only help matters.

Yesterday marked the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 disaster in New York. I watched this video from above and felt a deep sadness. I can’t imagine how that woman felt talking to her husband while he was trapped in one of the Twin Towers knowing that she was going to lose him. I can’t imagine how he felt having to make that phone call to tell his wife, the love of his life how he was not going to be coming home ever again. 

What really struck me was the love that was evident from the short clip. They began to recall all those happy times they had spent together, memories they held dear and told each other how much they loved one another. 

Do we tell those that are important to us how much we love them regularly? Do we make memories that are filled with love and laughter? Do we make the most out of every single day? Do we live with no regrets? 

I believe that death is probably one of the hardest things to come to terms with in this life of ours. It’s one of the only definites that we have here but it’s most definitely one of the most difficult. Having had my own losses it has changed me in ways like nothing else previously. As mentioned before having lost my Mam two years ago, it was the most heartbreaking and difficult thing I’ve ever had to face, and still face each day however I am also extremely grateful and owe my thanks to her at the same time! 

I believe if I had not lost my beautiful mother I wouldn’t appreciate my own life as much. I would perhaps take each day for granted, postpone chasing my dreams/goals for another day, believe that life had to remain the way it was. I am stronger, I am more honest and I believe in expressing myself fully. I am chasing my dreams, for the most part I try to see the blessings and positives that each day brings ( yes of course there are days when I find this challenging, I’m only human!) 

None of us know what’s in store for us each day. Life is unpredictable, it can be out of our control. What IS within our control is how we are as a person. Show and express your love to yourself and others, forgive those that need forgiving, reconnect with those that have drifted off, make magical memories with people in your life, chase those dreams and believe in yourself. We HAVE control if we want it enough! 

A great friend of mine shared this lovely quote with me and upon hearing it I immediately loved it and try to remember it each day: 

“Live, Laugh & Love

You don’t want to wait 

Until You’re Above” 

(Deirdre Ward) 

Age is Only a Number!


Mark Twain certainly had a powerful message to convey with the above statement. I firmly believe you are “As old as you feel”. There are many ‘young’ people in numerical terms that feel old beyond their years and also there are many people that are numerically ‘old’ but show, feel and radiate youth. One may feel ‘older’ than reality in reaction to challenging events and circumstances in one’s life. Of course we all have those days where one feels ‘old’ and ‘worn out’. I certainly have had those days and feel ‘older’ than my age at times but I’m beginning to also see that it all depends on your viewpoint/mindset and how you choose to react to certain situations and hurdles along your path.

We are all consumed with age and time. We are constantly trying out the latest skincare products to hide wrinkles and lines, undergo surgery to improve our looks etc We constantly look at our watches, running here and there to various appointments, meetings etc. Do we have any control over time? Can we stop it, quicken it or make it stop altogether? Sadly in our modern world we have not mastered this invention just yet! So what is the point then of worrying about something that is inevitable? Slow down today and see does it help to lighten the load and somewhat ‘lower’ the age you feel?

I have been supervising Leaving Certificate and Junior Certificate practical examinations this week. It has been a lovely trip down memory lane to revisit my secondary school, to revisit a part of my youth and to reconnect with teachers that I had. I have such fond memories of my years in secondary school and only stated to a teacher this week how those years were definitely some of ‘my most happy and memorable’ years to date. Did I have problems during secondary school? Did I rush around and feel stressed with exams? Did I find those years difficult as a teenager? Most certainly but the positive times outweigh the negative times for me. Again this is where one’s mindset comes into action.

Being back in this setting and being in a very different ‘role’ from before is quite funny for me. I am well used to younger children calling me ‘teacher’ and ‘Ms’ but to hear it from teenagers is quite amusing to me! Again I recalled with one of the teachers that it is comical for me because it feels like only yesterday that I was in that uniform and undertaking the practical exams. I laughed and stated how “I forget so often that I am now 28!” Just now I am reflecting on my statement and it brings me great joy to feel that way and to really forget at times that I am older than I feel and think! Again honestly there have been so many times in my life where I had to deal with issues that were somewhat for ‘adults’ and I felt I was too young to be experiencing but again I do not regret those times for I believe they have made me stronger and who I am today. Also those times of great sadness, grief and challenges have also made me appreciate TIME and LIFE so much more now, that I am grateful for having experienced those times. Again I stress the outlook that one has is crucial.

Having witnessed these students at work and from my observations these past two weeks I find it truly refreshing to see how diligent, focused, determined and motivated these young people are. Yes they have a vision in sight and an end result but they are ‘CHOOSING’ to work hard for their goal and their dream/purpose.

The question I pose to us all is ‘When does one lose this enthusiasm in life???’ ‘When are we too ‘old’ to give up on one’s dream/purpose in life???’ ‘When do we sit back and let time take over???’

“Wrinkles & Lines are Inevitable – Youth & Joy are Questionable” (Deirdre Ward)



A Fresh Start!

Happy New Year to all my readers! I hope 2016 is a fantastic year for everyone including ‘The Tough Cookie’.

I think it’s a great idea to sit down at the start of this new chapter and write down some challenges/goals/bucket list for the New Year ahead. It will keep you focused and motivated to achieve some dreams.

One goal of mine is to write down anything that makes me happy/positive experiences for the year in a ‘Happiness Jar’. Then it will give you great pleasure to empty the jar on New Years Eve/New Years Day to see all the positive things that happened in your year. Let’s get filling!! 

Money or Meaning


I feel we are all too preoccupied with money in this world. Yes it is necessary to have money to buy food, own a house, clothe yourself and many more things but why do we let it consume our lives and ultimately make us more greedy?

Recently I have discovered the more you worry about the lack of money, the less money you attract into your life. I know it can be difficult and cause you to worry especially if you have to provide for others, a family but I do feel that if we try to stop worrying about it, do our best in our profession the universe will provide sufficient money for us.

Does money buy happiness and love? Definitely not. Make the time to show your loved ones how much they mean to you doing the simple things in life like cooking a romantic meal, writing them a little love letter, reliving your first date together etc

`Love is easy, don’t make it difficult` (Deirdre Ward)