Live Magically 

Are you living in reality or do you travel to dreamland at times? It’s important to have a balance between the two in my opinion. Yes be aware of what is going on in your life but I feel it’s important to escape this world, let your imagination run wild and release that inner child that we all have. 

There’s been plenty of times when this world has just been too stressful and challenging for me and I escape to the ‘Neverland’ in my mind. For me it involves dreaming about my future, visualising my hopes and goals, imagining that I’m already there. I sometimes write them down or just close my eyes and drift off to this place. Why do we feel that the use of our imagination is only for when we’re children? Surely it’s beneficial to never stop dreaming, allow our inner child out to have fun and explore! 

I honestly don’t watch much television anymore. There was a time when I followed the soaps such as Eastenders, Home & Away etc but I stopped doing so this past year and a half. Living in the UAE probably affected this but I am all the better for it! Why? In my opinion these television programmes portray challenging situations that we face in society such as violence, abuse, breakdown of friendships/relationships, bullying etc YES it is beneficial to see these various situations at play and how the characters deal/cope with them but what is NOT beneficial and what I believe is happening too much is how it reinforces that these issues/behaviours are ‘normal’ and somewhat accepted in society. 

Theatre in the past, at the time of Shakespeare was used to allow us identify with a range of themes that connect with our own lives, characters that express the feelings that touch us profoundly. This however is very different from the instant emotions that we can access through explicit dramas and reality TV. They satisfy us in the moment, making us feel that the situations are somewhat ‘normal’ but this satisfaction is not long lasting. They don’t promote us to change our lives, reflect on our decisions/options they just allow and give us permission, excuses even to live/behave in various ways. Don’t get me wrong there are many programmes and documentaries that are extremely interesting, beneficial and that I enjoy. I’m not saying to get rid of the television just yet! I worry for children watching certain programmes and for their young brains to be able to distinguish between reality and imagination in these various shows. Can they distinguish between the two or perhaps are they witnessing the show in reality  in the environment they are in? Will they grow up believing certain actions/behaviour/situations are ‘normal’/accepted? Children and parents are receiving role models through television that reinforce inappropriate attitudes, behaviours and relationships. Sometimes we need to escape the reality of life and these various programmes. 

Fly away to your destiny in’Neverland’! Your Life is your own Theatrical plot: you decide the characters you play, the props you wear and the outcome in the end! 

Take a look at your own shadow. Do you reflect and learn from it or do you allow it to control your actions/words/behaviours? 

We ALL need to own our own shadows! 

“Being Lost 

Is not ALWAYS a Curse!

Fly Away!

Dream Today 

High into the Universe” 

(Deirdre Ward)