What makes you YOU? Have you ever thought about this question? How are you uniquely different to everybody else? What are those traits that set you apart?

With the ongoing emphasis on media, celebrity lives, those trends and who’s ‘current’ etc it can be hard to not loose sight of who you are, your goals, values and what you want to bring to your life/achieve in your life. I for one admit yes for so long I compared myself to others (I still do at times), I undervalued who I was and what I add to this world.

It’s funny how life pushes and challenges you out of your comfort zone at particular times. For me lately I have really been ‘tested’ and most definitely pushed past that point of comfort but yes ALL for wonderful reasons, opportunities and learning.

In light of these various challenges it has made me question more who I am, what I offer and how I am set apart from ‘all the rest’. It has added a confidence and an inner belief that was waiting to be unlocked and set free.

Those roots that were planted from day one have strengthened, have risen and are finally BLOOMING! 🌹

Don’t be discouraged when you’re challenged and seem to be ‘tested’, it’s for a reason, it’s helping you be YOU!

“See those Roots

Allow them to Shoot

No need to Hide

Take Pride!


To Bravely Step ‘Outside'”

(Deirdre Ward)

‘Ride On’

An Open Road 

The Destination 

Will Unfold!

Clear Skies Ahead

Or are those Clouds Filled with Dread?

Still is the Water or so it Seems

Possible Currents may Lie Between

The Mind & Body

Not so ‘Squeaky Clean’!

All on Different Routes

Looking for Various Truths 

Enough Fuel?

Feel like a Fool? 

Those Currents Subside

As We ‘Let Go’ & 

Learn to Enjoy

The Ride! 

(Deirdre Ward)

We really are just ‘passing through’ in this life. That can seem like a scary notion but I believe it’s quite a beautiful one also. 

So many times in the past looking back there were many ‘routes’ I wondered how I ended up on or why I chose a particular direction. Only yesterday I was feeling slightly annoyed with myself for being on various roads and not being able to ‘see’ that I wasn’t moving on down the road or I was stuck behind that slow car, those roadworks. There is no point in beating yourself up or wondering why as in my opinion everything does happen for a reason and I’m trying to trust in the timing of this universe. 

What is important is that you keep moving on down that road no matter how slow you are moving. Life is in constant motion, everything is transient so don’t allow yourself to slip into that ‘pothole’. If you do that is ok just make sure that you do get out of it, set your eyes on the road once again and travel on down it. 

Is there ever an end point? Do we ever even reach a final destination? Don’t waste time wondering. Enjoy all the different destinations you find yourself at. Don’t waste a second! 

We cannot always see where we are going, that is the beauty along as the terrifying reality of life. Try to see its beauty instead of being fearful or anxious. There would be no surprises in store if we knew our story in its entirety.  Trust the unknown and trust yourself.  

‘My’ Deepest Fear

While chatting to a great friend over the weekend he shared the above well known quote by Marianne Williamson. It was shared when I really needed it the most, every word rang true in my mind and was a constant reminder of what I had been avoiding for too long! We run from our fears too often but there does come a point when we get tired and turn to face those fears. That point for me is NOW!

I Am Powerful Beyond Measure” – I am beginning to see that I AM adequate enough. I’ve struggled, fought hard, worked hard, cried, pleaded with those ‘above’, despaired manys a time to reach the place where I am today. I am ‘free’ in so many ways whereas in the past I felt trapped at times. I am rid of guilt & regrets, I feel peace within and as soon as I sense it disappearing I try my damdest to relocate and reclaim it. There is still a piece I AM trying to fill and that is the Fear of Failure, the fear of not proving ‘everyone’ wrong who don’t believe in me/my ideas but MOST importantly the fear of not proving MYSELF wrong. I believe I AM powerful and it has dawned on me that this IS my FEAR! It is easy to feel inadequate, play small and to continue being & feeling this way. It’s easy to set myself up for failure and have no real expectations. It is my POWER I fear.

“It’s the LIGHT not the DARKNESS that Frightens Me” – I’ve experienced plenty of ‘dark’ days. I believe it’s easy to feel those days in ways and strangely it’s easier to feel these times rather than the times of light. Does this sound bizarre to you? Let me try to explain! Those days where I can see the light I believe fully in myself, my ideas, my talents and uniqueness. I trust that I have so much to offer this world to help change it for the better. This light brings FEAR. The ‘What If’s’ come flooding into my mind – what if people laugh at my ideas, what if I attempt to share my ideas and talk and I can’t find the words? What if I believe in myself fully? What if my dreams do come true? What if my ‘gut’ is right about this? The what if’s and excuses could go on and on. It’s like the devil in my mind. Again funnily enough it is this light that scares me. We all can get far too comfortable in our lives, our routines. This ‘unknown’, when we take that step, that backroad, that leap of faith can terrify us. The light is beautiful but can be daunting. However we will never see it unless we remove those sunglasses and drive down that route!

“I AM Brilliant, Gorgeous, Talented, Fabulous” – Who AM I? This fear again creeps in. Do I fully know who I am, will I feel like a cop out/a phoney? I have no certificate or degree for my Tough Cookie Blog/Children’s Programme? Am I bluffing? Am I talented and brilliant enough to change children’s/adult’s minds/perceptions? Again this is where I HAVE started to believe that I AM brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous. What a hypocrite I would be to ‘preach’ to children and adults about loving themselves and seeing their greatness if I couldn’t do it for myself? Do I need that piece of paper to prove anything when I have LIVED through everything I talk about and all that I include in my blog & children’s programme? I AM all these things and more. Only recently have I come to this conclusion and have the courage to see it and admit it to myself. Again, WHY do we not want to express and reveal our greatness to the world? We are ALL unique and on this Earth for a very special reason. I Practice what I Preach. A very important and essential word here is practice! 

“Who am I NOT to Be?” – ‘To Be’ : these two words are so important and are at the epicentre of life. We were all born to be, to be ourselves, not to be anyone else. A quote I love comes to mind from Oscar Wilde: “Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken” Be the best version of you that you can be. You’re a “Child of God” – for me my faith is an integral part of who I am. I would never impose religion on another but let me ask you what is GOD in your life? “God is Good” therefore what is good in your life? If you feel nothing is ‘good’ then perhaps it’s time for a change? To change your ‘God?’ Return to ‘God?’

God can be defined as:

: a spirit or being that has great power, strength, knowledge, etc., and that can affect nature and the lives of people : one of various spirits or beings worshipped in some religions

If you have this God/Goodness where does the spirit, power, knowledge lie?  How does it affect nature, how do you touch the lives of others? Life is about Relationships –  helping loving each other – “If I Play Small” I am no good to others or to myself. I cannot fully serve this world to the best of my potential.

“Shrinking so Others don’t feel Insecure around You” – I’ve decided I’m no longer going to dim MY light just because others can’t see it, choose to keep their sunglasses on out of FEAR of being blinded by my light. Others may keep their glasses on out of jealousy, anger, hatred and so on. This is NOT my concern. We are ALL asked to SHINE. It is within us ALL, lets all become lighthouses and shine from within and help set that spark off in others. Again if I didn’t shine my light, the light I’ve been given I would be a contradiction to my whole programme for children!

“I am Liberating myself from MY FEARS” – As mentioned above I kept procrastinating about doing a “Tough Cookie” talk/workshop in my locality. Why? FEAR. This is where people know who I am, have opinions of who I am and where I belong in community. It is much easier to stand in front of a group of strangers than a group of familiar faces. I kept putting it off and avoiding it. Again who would I be to preach to children/adults in my blog about facing fears if I didn’t face MY own? It’s easier to hide behind social media and share my stories and ideas than to share them face to face. Which is more heartfelt, sincere, passionate, believable, impacting/effective, honest? I’m hoping face to face!

Come along on Thursday the 24th of November in the Niall Mór Centre Killybegs @ 7:30pm to listen to and see firsthand my ideas for the

“How To Be A Tough Cookie” – 

“BE FREE” Programme 

Lastly a quote I heard at the weekend which for me sums up why we need to look after ourselves better, see our beauty/talents/brilliance, take time out for self care and to be happy and at peace with life:

img_4392If we teach children from the beginning to love themselves, see their beauty/greatness, express themselves, feel their feelings etc these issues won’t get to the tissues and also there’ll be less a need for any Kleenex Tissues!! 😱😂😂

Are You Living? 

With the Leaving Certificate Results out today and with my own new chapter beginning next week when I embark on my Diploma in Play Therapy, it sparks memories within of trying to decide what to fill out on my CAO application form when I was 18 and how difficult it was to know at a young age about the profession I wanted to pursue for the rest of my life. 
I don’t regret my decision of taking the road to teaching as I have learned invaluable skills, adjusted in various settings, adapted my own personality and built on my ability i.e my strengths and my weakenesses as an educator. The past seven years were most definitely for a reason. 

While chatting with my Dad last night a question popped into my mind. Does one go through an experience in their youth or be affected/touched by an experience/person that shapes for them their aspirations for their future career? I began to think of myself, my own situation and that of others that I know and I truly believe that it is the truth. 

For me personally, I was that child who was extremely, somewhat painfully shy, lacked self belief/confidence in ways and felt at times overshadowed by my lively, energetic and fun loving sister. Looking back it is now my belief that the reason I am so passionate about this book/programme that I am developing for children is because I want to reach out, help and make a difference to those children that feel the way I felt as a child. It’s not to say that I wasn’t completely showered with love, I perhaps just neeeed some guidance/skills to see the love within me. 

Is it true to say that some doctors/nurses & others in the medical field have chosen that path due to their own personal battles with sickness or from witnessing a close relative/friend’s struggle with health?  

Do actors & actresses choose their career path as a way of masking their own identity or to help establish their identity and who they really are? In their younger days did they feel unable to fully express themselves? 

Those of you who pick the Defences Forces, was there a need to feel a sense of safety for oneself growing up and for those in your family/circle of friends? Was there an incident where you felt unsafe from the past that has impacted your love for becoming a guard, a soldier etc? 

Those of us who pick the Educational route of Primary/Secondary School teachers or Principalship etc is there a need within us to have a sense of ‘control’ in ways? Is there a need to feel acknowledged for inspiring young students for their lives and to help shape them into the best representative of them self that they can be? 

Those musically and artistically talented in society, who choose the world of Arts whether it’s pursuing a singing career or one who paints/sculpts for a living, are you on that path to express oneself through various mediums as growning up one felt unable to express oneself verbally/struggled to ‘find’ one’s voice? 

Social Workers and Carers, was there a time when your own family unit was unsteady? Was there an urge within you to try to help stabilise one’s family structure? 

From my own experience it is also my belief that those competent and skillful psychologists/counsellors have most definitely experienced their own struggle with their mental health in life. Those that truly understand and can empathise can do so as they have been in their client’s shoes in one way or another. Again perhaps I am wrong but I feel it most definitely sparks passion and understanding in this field of work. 

To conclude the question I am posing is whether or not we experience something in our youth/past that ignites a passion within us to pursue the career that is truly for us and that is essentially one’s purpose on this Earth? Is it based on this or is it less deep rooted? 

I feel so many of us ‘settle’ in life with careers that we are not fully enjoying, that we don’t feel fulfilled by and that we feel it’s too late to pursue that dream or one doesn’t have the means etc Don’t give up on your true passion, there is always a will and a way. 

I firmly believe in the saying that if you choose a career you love you won’t work a day in your life. As the song “Fast Car” states you can 

“Finally see what it means to be Living, feel that you Belong & that you ARE Someone” 

“Fulfill Your Dreams

Pursue Your Purpose

There’s ALWAYS Time 

You’re NEVER Worthless” 

(Deirdre Ward)