My Morning Meditation

How do you begin and end your day? Do you have some daily rituals and routines? Lately I haven’t been including them into my day, felt too busy and too stressed to take the ‘time out’. Well time does catch up on you and for me I began to feel burnt out.

This morning my alarm went off I hit snooze, it went off again and I was tempted to roll over but instead I focused my mind, didn’t allow it to take command and allowed my body and soul to talk to me. They wanted movement, I could hear them clearly and so I jumped up and took control.

What’s your body, mind and soul saying to you today? Is it that you need some rest? Some exercise? To take ten minutes out of your busy schedule for a cup of tea by the sea?!

I am beginning to try to take that time out each and every day for ME, to keep my mind, body and soul well. There must be a balance πŸ™ŒπŸ»βš–οΈ

“How to you Begin & End Your Day?

Is it All Work with No Time for Play?

What does Your Body, Mind & Soul Say?

Which Way will You Sway Today?”

(Deirdre Ward)

Mermaid DeirdreπŸ§œπŸ»β€β™€οΈ

I’ve had this urge to immerse myself in the ocean these last few weeks, every time I’d go to my happy place (the beach) for a walk it was as if the waves were calling to me! I knew deep in my soul for whatever reason I needed to do it but I kept putting it off, coming up with some reasons not to.. it’s too cold, I’m still unwell etc etc

Well yesterday I said OK that’s it! It’s Time! Why was I putting off something that was so simple and easy to do? I managed to put my wetsuit on (with a lot of difficulty may I add!! Lots of shapes were thrown trying to zip it up on my own!!) I drove to my nearest beach and I took the plunge.

I couldn’t feel my body for a good 2minutes but once I began to swim and warm up it was wonderful. (If anyone drove past yes I know ‘swim’ is a bit exaggerated of a word to use, I know!!) thankfully they didn’t stop and try to rescue me πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆπŸ§œπŸ»β€β™€οΈ so yes swim I’ll go along with swim!

I knew I needed to reconnect with nature, with the sea, one of my favourite things and to just ‘feel’ alive again. I find it difficult really connecting with my body lately, I think because at times it’s too painful, I’m so sensitive at times I feel too much so a protective trick that I have probably used all my life is to somewhat disconnect from my body and avoid feelings that are too painful. Really it’s NOT the answer! This I’m finding out. When we’re not connected to ourselves fully our body will let us know and mine certainly has this last two years.

Well I’m now listening, I’m not running and I’m nurturing it gently & tending to what it needs. Even if that means looking like the worst mermaid there ever was!! πŸ§œπŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚

“Listen to your Body

It tells you what it Needs

Take Heed!

If Not

It may just Stop!”

(Deirdre Ward)

My Happy Place πŸ™‹πŸ»πŸŒŠ


Where’s your ‘Happy Place’? When life gets too much, when pain seems unbearable and you feel confused/lonely/angry/frustrated/deflated, where’s that special space that heals your body, mind and soul? 

For me it’s at the sea! Particularly a favourite beach of mine at home: Fintra. There’s a calmness, a peacefulness, a comforting essence within the air, a healing spray from the ocean’s waves, a sense of serenity. I couldn’t imagine ever not living beside the sea (yes I know I lived in the desert in Abu Dhabi and thankfully it taught me to appreciate home, the sea, the greenery around me more!!) 

Life can be hectic, too often I run around rushing from A to B while trying to get to C!! Has anyone ever preached to you about moving too fast and to slow down and enjoy the journey? I know at times I don’t notice things, I’m too much in ‘my head’ to see the small wonders that are in each day. Surely we’ve all felt like this? We are too busy to take those five minutes to breathe and just be? We have too many things to do to go for that walk or take that long, hot bath? 

I feel I’m pretty well tuned in most of the time but what I discovered at counselling this week is that I’m tuned in for others and I’m on their frequency most of the time. What channel am I on? What song do I dance to? For the last few weeks it’s been that God forsaken white noise, that poor connection and a fuzzy/muffled sound. Nobody likes that sound!!! 

I haven’t been in my body in a sense. I haven’t been grounded with my feet firmly on this Earth. I’ve wanted to take flight and run from situations, feelings, worries and fears. Am I fast enough? Perhaps for a period but at some stage or another those legs become heavy, that breathe struggles for air and the pace becomes slower and slower. Sound familiar? Haven’t we ALL felt burnt out at some stage? 

This week I realised I needed to work hard and make an effort to plant my feet firmly on the ground, to tune into how my body feels (as much as I sometimes want to do anything but!), how my mind is functioning (positively or negatively) and to take those steps (literally!!) to feel ME. Yes it did involve me driving to the beach in the pouring rain and enjoying walking barefoot at the edge of the shoreline listening to the waves. – my Happy Place! But it worked! I allowed myself to ‘be’, the peacefulness helped me clear some trash within my mind, to erase that negative self-talk, to identify and appreciate the positives and hopes for my life. I centered myself once again, the muffled and fuzzy tune was a musical and magical one. 

The Sea Sets Me Free πŸ™‹πŸ»πŸŒŠπŸ‘Œ

“Find that Place

That Special Space

That Slows You Down –

Feel the Ground” 

(Deirdre Ward) 

Darkness will Eventually Result in Light

I have only really started to appreciate where I live since I have moved home in December after spending over a year in a desert, barren and predominately dry land that is the UAE.

I have always grown up beside the sea and took the scenic and rugged countryside somewhat for granted. I have been trying to get out for a walk in my natural surroundings as much as I can since returning home and it’s really awakened my love and appreciation for the natural environment around me here in South West Donegal.

I believe there is such powerful healing in nature. For me, especially the sound of the sea has such beneficial qualities to it. I’m lucky enough to have the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean on my doorstep. I also love to use the metaphor of the waves for life.

‘Life is like the waves of the ocean, it Ebs and Flows but with each new day and with each new wave comes a new, fresh beginning’Β (Deirdre Ward)

Each day is a new day. If there was some sort of darkness yesterday, today will start with a new brightness. After every dark patch comes brightness and in each ‘dark’ moment of ones life, some sort of ‘brightness’ always follows.

Each person also carries some iota of light, even if they seem mostly ‘dark’ or have a ‘dark’ effect on others it’s up to us the external viewers – people looking at others to find and see their light.Β Today, notice firstly the love and light within yourself and then in each individual you meet. Even if someone is hurting themselves or others they still contain the pure light of Divine Love.

‘Never let anyone or anything extinguish the light inside of you’ (Deirdre Ward)

Return to nature for a new lease of life and to find your purpose in this life. It clears the mind, frees one’s soul and helps with making decisions.

‘Things naturally become clearer in nature’ (Deirdre Ward)