Sing the Song of Your Soul πŸŽΆ

I would be lost without music. Isn’t it the notes that sing the tune of our minds and souls? 

Music has extremely healing powers, whether we need to listen to sad songs to help us cry, grieve and release hurt, whether it’s happy, uplifting songs to further boost our positive, upbeat mood. Sometimes we need a song that is loud and has strong beats to help us scream and release the anger pent up inside. I love to listen to motivational music before and while exercising to push me forward and keep me focused. We ALL need music in our lives.

I’ll share with you some favourites of mine for various reasons at the minute-please don’t judge me ha ha!! πŸ˜±πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚πŸŽΆπŸŽ§ 


I love this song to get me feeling pumped and determined. The lyrics are also very powerful and meaningful. I’m determined to succeed with my vision and my dreams. This song keeps me believing in myself and not allowing others or circumstances to bring me down. πŸ‘ŒπŸ™‹πŸ»πŸ’―πŸ’ͺ🏻


I love this song as it brings me a sense of serenity and peace. I feel it helps me connect with those that have passed on from this life that are important to me. It helps me think about those angels and connect with them. 


We can all shine bright like stars! This song by the amazing Coldplay can’t help but make you feel good and spark an aliveness within. 🌟

We Are Not Defined by the Past: 

I feel like so many of us myself included blame our past experiences, mistakes, situations for certain feelings we have. I have felt and still do at times that the past will keep repeating itself and that I cannot change various thoughts and feelings that I have. I do know that this is WRONG and it is just my insecurities and fears talking! I love this song for that fact that we don’t have to keep firing those ‘shots’ at ourselves or others. It is very catchy! 


Let’s face it we ALL love a good soppy, romantic one!! One of my all time favourites is this one πŸ˜πŸ’“


It’s so important to take time out of our day for stillness, quietness and to just relax and ‘BE’. Something I am not very good at or feel skilled at but I am determined to incorporate it into my daily life as I know it’s crucial. To feel grounded and to hear your thoughts instead of your mind being cloudy and fuzzy is essential. 

A Good Auld Irish One!: 

I don’t know when I first heard  ‘Black is the Colour’ but it has been my favourite Irish song for years. Anytime there is a sing song this is the one I pull out of the bag if I have to!! 

LIVE: NO REGRETS! πŸ’―πŸ™‹πŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»

I love these two songs as they emphasise the importance of living for today and not wasting a single second of life. Life is precious and time does run out so make sure you LIVE the LIFE YOU WISH. πŸ™πŸ’“
“Sing Your Song

Life will Hum Along!

Compose Your Piece

Each Note & Beat”

(Deirdre Ward) 

Find YOUR Voice πŸ—£

​Too many of us cannot verbalise what we are really thinking and feeling deep within. It can be very difficult to find your voice in various situations, it can be daunting and some of us can be afraid of our own voice and what it might say. 
For too long I was afraid of mine. I was always very shy and I still am until I get to know someone or feel I can trust somebody. My friend suggested that I record my voice to help with certain feelings I was having. She had mentioned how she tried it and that its effects were quite powerful. I thought sure why not give it a go. She did suggest doing it while out on the beach for a walk so that’s where I headed for on Thursday! 

I have never liked hearing back my voice on a recording. Does anybody? Sometimes it seems as though it really doesn’t even resemble us. Or does it? Do we even know what we really sound like? Do we listen to our voice enough and hear our truth speak? When it ‘Says Something’ do we listen or choose to ignore it? 

I have to admit for something so simple I found it quite difficult to do. The first time I recorded my voice on Thursday I was overthinking it and was totally ‘in my head’. I sounded very vulnerable and weak almost. I knew I was overthinking and had to just speak from my heart instead of my head. Listening back to that first recording was strange. I told my friend how it didn’t sound like me. I sounded like a little girl who was lost. Perhaps at that very moment that’s how I felt. I gave it a second stab. This time I was on the beach and the wind was blowing fiercely and the thundering waves were rolling up onto the sand. I had the beach to myself. It was perfect! 

I always love to see how much children enjoy being out on a windy day. It’s as if the wind takes over their bodies and they aren’t in control anymore. It can feel great and literally feel as though it’s blowing all those ‘cobwebs’ away! That’s what it did for me! It pushed me about and took control. Storm ‘Barbara’ was in charge!!

Then there was the second recording. It no longer sounded like a weak, lost child. It was strength, determination, love, passion and honesty. It sounded like the true, authentic Deirdre. The Tough Cookie! There was quite a bit of cursing and also some realisations about my life. I was no longer speaking from my head but from my core, my heart and my gut. The centre of my being. 

I messaged my friend to fill her in on how my recordings went. I stated how the first time it really didn’t sound like me. When she asked me why it dawned on me that I believe that first voice was the ‘Deirdre’ for the past 27 years who was somewhat ‘afraid’ to find and use her voice, to reveal her true identity, perhaps didn’t know it or couldn’t/didn’t know how to find it. The second was most definitely ME. I am strong, determined, love, honesty, passion and that is what I heard the second time around. 

Don’t ‘give up’ on finding your true voice. Keep listening and you’ll hear it loud and clear. It may take some patience & persistence but there’ll come a time when you can fully find your voice and love it’s music πŸ’•πŸŽ€πŸŒŸ

“Find YOUR Voice

We ALL have this Choice

Then You’ll be Able 

To Fully Rejoice” 

(Deirdre Ward) 

Sing to the Tune of YOUR Song πŸŽ€

There is such power in music. I have loved music ever since I was a child. I remember my mother fondly telling me on numerous occasions how I would tell her to stop singing along to the radio! She didn’t have a musical note in her head! She always knew I would be musical and enjoy it from then on! 

In my opinion lyrics and notes to certain songs can arouse emotions, memories, specific attachments, unpleasant connections etc within us. Some days while listening to the radio or songs on my phone I feel as if I nearly can’t even listen to the words it’s all focused on the musical elements of the instruments, key, notes, voice etc Other days I zone into the language and lyrical elements of music. Each are as powerful as the other and can give very different meaningful messages. 

Certain days I need to hear uplifting songs to help motivate me, help me focus and feel energetic. I couldn’t imagine going for a run without music and at times while working I need to have music on in the background. It can soothe me and help me concentrate. At other times I cannot bare to have a single sound around me, I need complete silence and solitude. From my experience it’s connected with other situations and experiences that one is going through in life at particular times. I love how a particular song can unleash a feeling of happiness, warmth, joy etc and how another song can leave you feeling sad, lonely, reflective etc Both are equally OK as some days we need to feel certain emotions and that’s normal. 

For the past week I was surrounded by people for most of the time. It was wonderful as I love meeting and connecting with people however I also love and need my own space. Last night I enjoyed zoning out for a couple of hours and just listened to music. It helped me relax and concentrate on myself, my emotions and my body.

I heard the song above for the first time last night and personally for me it’s apt in its timing. I am starting a new chapter in my career, it will most definitely present challenges, I may fall but no matter what, I believe I will ‘Rise Up’. I will rise up on my own at times but I will also be helped along the way by others! 

Get lost in music, see what songs unleash and release something within for you. 😊🎀 

“When we cannot use Words to Speak

Music can Help us when we Seek 

To find a Feeling or some Meaning 

It Helps in Releasing!” 

(Deirdre Ward) 

Fix Yourself First

Don’t try to ‘fix’ everyone and everything else before you essentially ‘fix’ yourself. For too long I always went about trying to fix others – my mam’s disease, my boyfriend, my sister’s life, my friends, the children I taught etc the list goes on.

What I have now come to realise is that before you can even give to another person you must give to yourself first. It’s too difficult to fix anyone if you yourself have

‘little broken pieces that need mending or parts of your life that need to be put together’Β (Deirdre Ward)

It might sound selfish especially if others around you need your support and help. I’m not saying to ignore these family members or loved ones, all I’m saying is not to neglect yourself in the process. My passion in life is ‘reading’ other people and trying to help them especially in an emotional capacity and I believe I get it right a lot of the time. I do feel I get it right though because what I see in others I have seen in myself at one stage or another or in somebody else I have met along the way! People say I am a ‘sensitive soul’ but I wouldn’t want to be any other way!

From reflecting on my relationships in the past, I give my love totally and I feel I am very good at showing someone how much they mean to me and how much I love them whether that be with a friend of mine or on a deeper, more intimate relationship I have had. The people in my life mean a lot to me, everyone I meet means a lot to me and I’m a true believer that everyone you meet can teach you some sort of a lesson, whether it’s a reflection of something in their life or something they do or say that causes a trigger to go off in your life.

‘It was worth the encounter no matter how brief or long, if you learn a lesson about YOU’Β (Deirdre Ward)

I am not an expert as to why relationships break down or friendships fall apart but I do think it is because of a lack of communication on both parties involved and also due to ones fears. Looking back on my life so far, I can see why a certain friendship broke down in my life. Why do certain people get on for a period of time and then all of a sudden it falls apart? I believe it is because of our emotions. Generally the emotion of FEAR. I was the type that very much did what ‘pleased’ my parents, tired to do the ‘right’ thing in life based on the judgements of my parents. Β Is this wrong? Absolutely not but if I could change something it would be to live the way I saw right and fit. Maybe at 16 one is too immature and one needs guidance as to what is best. Yes for sure, but guidance is what the youth of today need, not judgements from their elders as that is not that person’s true unique opinion or view, it is somebody else’s opinion being relayed to another. I firmly believe we need to STOP telling children what to do, guide them but ultimately let them decide for themselves and shape them as their own unique person with their own thoughts/opinions.

Likewise in a romantic relationship of mine in the past, one in which I would have tried to shape that person in a particular way. I expressed my views on what I felt he should have been, acted, views he should have etc What I was doing was wrong as again they were MY views, thoughts as to how one should be. Why do we feel the right to do this to ANYONE? The only person we are allowed to act this way with is OURSELVES. Instead anymore when offering any advice to anyone, I say, this is what I think etc but I’m very quick to add ‘But that is just my opinion, it is of course your decision to make and do how you see fit’ etc.

‘Let’s help people, especially the youth of today create their OWN thoughts and beliefs in life, instead of imposing OUR beliefs on others’Β (Deirdre Ward)

‘If we all thought, acted, spoke, lived in the same way, life would be very mundane and boring. Life is full of characters, colour, variety and this is what makes life so wonderful and interesting. As I said before, leave your legacy in this life, so that when you leave this life your name lives on’ Β (Deirdre Ward)

Lastly don’t try to FIX people because what I have learned is that you cannot fix anyone who is unwilling to change or fix themselves. If someone is willing to change and fix their own life that is great and you can help by being supportive, an ear to listen, offer your opinion/advice if asked for it and most importantly be a LOVING person towards them.

Live With No Regrets



If you listen to a sad song you will most likely feel sadness, an uplifting fast tempo song will lift your spirits and bring some brightness to your day. I LOVE music and always have. I don’t just listen to the upbeat, lively songs as it’s OK to feel sad and listen to these types of songs also. They can be quite comforting and also heal you in some way.

However I find that if I am feeling sad and don’t want to concentrate on my sadness a song can have magical effects. It is also a great way to start the day off with one of your favourite motivational songs. It can set you up for the day ahead and keep you focused.

I love this song by ‘One Republic’ – ‘I Lived’.

I am trying to use each moment of the day to it’s full potential, face fears of mine, take risks, love life and the people in my life, see pain and suffering as lessons in life and learn from them, see as many places around this magnificent world until

‘Inevitably I will die but I am choosing to die with no regrets!’ Β 

(Deirdre Ward)

I also came across this quote and I am going to use it in my life to try and have no regrets:

when born quote