What Follows You Around? 👥

I remember hearing a lecturer of mine talk about the Golden Shadow theory last year. Basically it describes how when we see a quality in another person or admire someone else for something e.g. someone’s courage, someone’s honesty or someone’s beauty; that we too hold that element or characteristic within us. I thought it was a lovely concept.

At times I feel we can get jealous and look at others who have some part of life that we wish we had whether it be the dream job, the house, the figure etc We’re only human and jealousy is part of our human existence, I don’t believe that there’s not one person who hasn’t felt jealous at some stage or another. Granted it’s not the nicest trait to have however if we look at it with the Golden Shadow theory in mind it changes my perspective of why at times I may feel that bit jealous or envious of another. More often than not it is something that you admire within another. Who do you look at and think to yourself, gosh aren’t they great, I’d love to be more like that, I’d love to have their determination/spirit/grit/honesty/kindness?

How would it feel to now view it that when those thoughts enter your mind and come to your awareness to think that it does because actually it is within you and it’s trying to surface? Trying to shine through? The reason that you’re able to see it is because it is within you? Does that change your perspective of how you now view yourself? Does it help to think of it in that respect and give you some hope that yes you too can be like that?

I was also reading a book during the week that talks about this idea of the Shadow. Carl Jung devised this theory in which he states that our Shadow is also that part of us that seems to persist but that is also unwanted. For example if you are aware of a behaviour or a trait that you have that is somewhat undesirable something you’d like to stop doing/change your behaviour or ways, he believes that this is what our Shadow entails. He also believes that until we fully embrace and accept this Shadow persona it will remain by our side and at times haunt us. I also see the truth in this. What have you been trying to give up? What have you been trying to change in your life yet always seems to return and at times you wonder gosh is it just part of me, am I always just going to be like this?

I think the idea of the Shadow is so apt for the beginning of this new year. I’m aware of changes I’d like to make that yes keep persisting and are part of that Shadow. I can’t escape it. For example I want to get into a better routine of wakening early and getting to bed early, I sometimes look at other people and their energy/determination who stick at their ‘healthy’ routines. So if I think of my shadow in both of the two ways

1. It is within me and within reach of achieving and

2. I have been trying to change my routine and make it happen yet I seem to slip back to the later nights, as long as it persists I too must persist in the changes I wish to make and stick at it.

What’s your Shadow showing or telling you today?