Look Out!! I’m on Watch Out!! 👀

Do you have to look over your shoulder? Does it feel like you’re sometimes being watched and judged by others? Have you upset or done wrong by other people to make you switched on at high alert, afraid to bump into them/encounter each other? 

What way is this to live? Full of guilt and perhaps shame?  Knowing you’ve not been the best that you can be, have hurt others? Have hurt yourself? 

Ok I own up! One thing I was NEVER good at was harbouring guilt. Yes I was a sneaky child at times, it’s always the quiet ones sure ain’t it?!!!! But I could never cope with the feeling of guilt or dishonesty afterwards and I would have to own up, spill the beans and confess to whatever wrongdoing/hurt I had caused. 

YES we ALL make mistakes, YES we ALL make bad choices but if we didn’t we wouldn’t learn from our mistakes, we wouldn’t learn how to apologise, we wouldn’t know what forgiveness feels like and that guilty conscious would continue to eat and eat and eat at our minds. 

Do YOU want to live like this? Continually looking over your shoulder? 

“Shit!! Look Out!!

Over There

Don’t Stare!

Take Flight

Go Go Go

That Person 

They Know

YOU’RE in the Wrong 

That makes THEM Strong! 

(Deirdre Ward) 

Are you Guilty of feeling Guilt? 👁

Do you suffer with feeling guilty for certain actions or inactions? I wasn’t going to write a blog piece this morning and I felt I wasn’t hugely inspired/urged to write about anything in particular and I don’t ever force a piece just for the sake of it. 

However then the GUILT appeared! The guilt of not writing a blog when I had planned to and usually do. Nobody is physically standing over me making me do it and making me feel bad/guilty about not doing one. 

I AM the somebody that is standing over myself, judging my every move, my every thought and at times beating myself up for not following through/accomplishing something I had set out to. 

I have always been very hard on myself and it is one thing I am really making an effort to change. Some days I am better able than others but any progress is progress! I used to set expectations for myself that at times were unattainable given the timeframe/resources etc Anymore I try to set more realistic targets that don’t pile immense pressure on me. 

Why did you not exercise today like you had planned?”

“You shouldn’t have eaten that slice of chocolate cake especially when you’re intolerant to wheat” 

“You said you would meet for coffee/lunch and now you can’t, you’ve let her down” 

These are some of the silly statements that have gone around in my mind before! 

It’s important to feel some sense of guilt and it’s essential that children learn this quality. We need to feel guilt for something we did that was unfair/unjust, inappropriate, unkind etc However this feeling of guilt is not meant to linger and remain in our minds long after the incident occurs. That is torture! 

I am really making a conscious effort to eradicate this feeling of guilt from my mind over petty/insignificant things. I need to be more gentle and loving with myself and fully tune in and listen to my body. I need to stop attacking myself. Sometimes it’s just so lovely to look back at my life so far, to see how far I have come, how strong I have become, what I have achieved and what I am proud of. We don’t do this enough but it’s essential. 

I strive to stand on neutral ground and allow myself to fully feel, to get out of my head and be at peace!  Each step is a step closer 🙋🏻👣

“End the War 

Inside of You

No Ammunition; 

Just to be Forgiven” 

(Deirdre Ward)