In Giving We Receive 🎁

Are you all set for Christmas? Have you all your gifts bought? What kinds of gifts are you giving others this year?

A friend of mine told me a story how his teacher friend asked his class to think of ways that they could give to their family and friends without spending money. I love this idea and what a wonderful thought to provoke in school age children to think outside the box (literally!!) of ways to show love, friendship, kindness, appreciation without using money.

I can’t say that I haven’t spent a few bob on Christmas gifts this year however I did take the approach of wanting to ‘spend’ time together as a way of giving. For example myself, my sister and our neighbour have decided to spend a day at a spa together over the holidays as we don’t get many chances to do things together or spend some quality time together. I bought tickets for the Peter Pan Panto for myself, my niece and nephew so to bring them on a day out that they’ll remember and hopefully treasure. The gift is not within the materialistic present wrapped up nicely under the tree it really is within the time you share with another.

I don’t particularly enjoy Christmas much anymore, I’m not a Scrooge I just miss my Mam during the build up, the excitement and buzz around the shops. I fondly remember how we used to take the bus to Dublin every year as children with Mam and go for our annual day trip shopping. Arnotts was the highlight for me!! I miss having her here on Christmas morning to share a little baileys with, to toast Christmas together. We have that empty chair at the dinner table where she used to sit and take command as the head seat!! Christmas can’t be the same but we can make it about a time for giving: giving memories, giving hugs & love, giving laughs, giving new opportunities to remember.

As Francis of Assisi said

What gift could you give this Christmas time that would make a difference, show your love, cause a repair in a relationship, show support and create a transformation?

“In Giving We Receive,

It does take for You to Believe!

Give some Time

Give some Love

Don’t Give Up

That Someone

Might just be Enough!

Enough to Mend

No need to Spend

In Giving ‘You’

You might just Change

Their View”

(Deirdre Ward)