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“Why Change?

Why Start Afresh?

What is Broken

That needs Fixing?

Those Words

Those Voices

That’s just the WORLD

And it’s MANY vices!

Do Not Change

Do Not Begin Again

Celebrate All that

You Are

Praise where you

Have Been

Look Yourself in the Eye


Each Day, You’ll Say:

“I Am Alive, I Am Me

Thank You”



The Tough Cookie x x




When the New Year comes around do you often begin by being hard on yourself identifying all the changes you ‘need’ and ‘should’ make?



Really are you all that ‘bad’ as you are? Are there as many changes you think you need to make? Surely you’re good enough just as you currently are? Don’t get me wrong I’m a firm believer in making some small steps to improvement and having a healthier life/you but the idea of needing to change and transform completely is one I’m not a fan of. We can sometimes base our ideals on what media portrays to us is ‘perfect’ or what other people view as the best way of being, but what about what YOUR soul and inner heart are saying? Have you connected with your sense of self to know what sounds right for you?




Take time to begin this New Year by listening to your inner wisdom that is already present, take some quiet time each day to reflect, to hear and to give to yourself. I’m beginning this new year with the wonderful Fresh Resolutions event tomorrow and after being sick since Christmas Day, being out of my routine and my body/soul/mind being off centre I cannot wait to take time to connect with myself, others, surround myself with positivity and set those goals for ME that are already within my inner sense for 2020! 🙌🏻🙋🏻‍♀️




There’s still time to book a ticket for this wonderful inspirational day to commit to a 2020 that’s going to be epic for YOU!







Pot of Gold 🌈⚱️

What Dreams have you Given Up on? We can all be Full of Good Intentions to begin with then easily Fall Off the path we’re trying to travel down. Has this Happened You?
WHY does this happen? WHY do we sometimes give up and forget those goals and dreams we have within? For everyone it’s different however I do believe there is a Common Thread that runs for everyone. WHAT is it? – “NOT GOOD ENOUGH” – does this sound familiar? From my work as a Psychotherapist and from my own personal experiences I see on a daily basis the lack of self belief in Deserving or being Capable. Our Core Beliefs about ourselves and the world are formed by age 3 and very often something happens early in our childhood that we make meaning from based on – ‘something is wrong here and something is wrong with ME’
For me I can allow some stress or trigger wobble me and shake me off my path of reaching those goals. Too often it ‘used’ to be the self talk of ‘you’ve failed again Deirdre, you’re not good enough, why would you think you could do that…’ the list can go on! I’m not allowing that voice in as much, I believe it’s always there but it’s HOW you MANAGE it that matters. Today I’ve set a personal goal in relation to my body image, health and fitness goals. I’m taking action for that feel good factor within my skin and my perception of myself. I’ve set clear goals for the next month and that is attainable and reachable.
Ways I Dare to Dream:
*Set clear Goals for 1 month
*Enlist others in the Targets (I’ve set up a group of 3 of us with weight/health/fitness goals)
*Accountability – I’ve given my word to others so this keeps me focused
*Take 1 day at a time, Congratulate yourself for ‘small wins’ each day
*Visualise – have a mental or actual picture of what the end result looks like and keep looking at it each day – for me I have a pair of jeans hanging in my room and this week I am registering for a Half Marathon .
#goals #accountability #potofgold #dreams #hardwork #grit #toughcookie

The Ripple Effect 🤔🌊

Yesterday I attended a very insightful, inspiring and valuable workshop which made me stop, self-reflect, reflect on my business, my story, my values and what makes me unique/stand apart from the crowd.

Human connections continue to amaze me. There are those people that I instantly click with, feel like I’ve known all my life, who ‘get me’ and those whom I hold so much love in my heart for, it could literally burst open! One of my valuable qualities ❤️

While at this workshop yesterday, the notion that Isaac Newton discovered arose that

“for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”

This is a bit like Karma, the belief that you receive from the world what you give to the world.

I like to believe in this and trust that it is true. I especially like to remind myself of this when my day is challenging, when I’m feeling deflated, when I feel pain and need some comfort. I remind myself that I am a good person, I am honest, passionate, full of love, forgiving and understanding.

At times when I am having one of those tougher days it can seem like my luck will never change, that those dreams/wishes are so far-off, out of reach and never going to happen. Until…..

I take ACTION, the Universe sees and hears my efforts, my attempts and productivity. It’s like it starts lending a hand, aligning things on my path – people, opportunities, coincidences and I once again TRUST and continue to have that strong FAITH that there is a higher power at work. The plan for my life is already laid out for me, all will be revealed and that everything, absolutely everything (no matter how small) does happen for a reason!

We are energy, living in a world that’s constantly vibrating, messages being sent every second, actions and reactions happening all around.

Try today to ‘see‘ more of these little blessings, incidents today that give you a sense of ‘wonder’ and ‘awe’

“Everything happens for a Reason –

No Coincidences






It’s ALL Part of Your Plan

Remain Calm!”

(Deirdre Ward)

Time for Tea & a Chat 🙋🏻☕️

Who would you pick, if you could choose anybody to sit with, have a cuppa with and a chat? Would it be somebody you miss? Someone you idolise? Somebody you’ve left things with on bad terms? Somebody you’ve lost? WHO?

For me my initial instinct was to imagine having a cuppa with my Mam again but after rethinking it, she is always with me, every second of the day, sending me signs, feeling her presence so therefore knows what’s going on in my life. Instead I have chosen my birth parents. WHY? So that I CAN ‘let go’, stop living in the Past, focus on the ‘here & now‘ and the Future. I’m excited for my life to come, to keep pursuing my dreams, meet new people, fall in love, get married, have a family, make & share memories with those special people already in my life and most importantly have no regrets! So the kettle is boiled & we’re ready to chat!


Well where to start! As much as it might seem strange I want to ‘thank you’ both. Thank you for bringing me into this world, for making the best decision for me out of love and for wanting the best for my life. I got just that! I got the best parents I could have asked for. Just yesterday a lady told me how she read somewhere that WE pick our parents, we pick them for various lessons that we need to learn here in this life. So what lessons have I learned from my Mam and Dad? What lessons have I learned from you both?

To be honest, kind, loving, helpful and to always do my best. I have grown up with terrific morals, beliefs and values. I have been supported, cared for and loved, in every decision I’ve made. However in the past I didn’t have to make many as it was always a joint decision, and opinions I asked for and appreciated! To have FAITH that there’s a reason for everything and to trust in God for guidance and protection.

I can’t say I’ve always thought about my Adoption, about you both and the life I could have had with you but what I can say is from loosing my Mam it forced suppressed emotions and memories to surface, to face and to accept them. I HAVE accepted it, well within my mind, logically but emotionally and through a ‘feeling’ sense I may still have a little to go! But I’m on the right path. I’ll get there!

So what have you both taught me? (Indirectly of course) You have taught me to make decisions with love, to be selfless and think about what’s best for others, to be brave. You have also taught me not to attach negative emotions and thoughts to situations in life that have happened that are out of my control, that I don’t know to be 100% correct/true in my mind & body, to feel every feeling, to voice my opinion, in what I believe in, to celebrate my struggles and past rather than block it out and ignore it.

I was angry, I was saddened and hurt by you both leaving me, giving me away but I needed to feel those feelings to face them, accept them and let them go. I’m not angry anymore, I understand your reasons, I can’t imagine the pain it has caused you both and to live for 30years with possibly feeling guilt, sadness and loss. Wondering about me each day.

The past shapes us but does not define us. WE define ourselves and from today onwards I no longer allow my Adoption to be portrayed negatively, I’ve learned so much, felt so much, understand so much and now I celebrate it. It’s part of me but not ‘fully‘ Me!

Thank you both for being part of me, I wouldn’t be me without you and for this alone I am grateful. I can’t say I love you both, I don’t know you but I know I love who I’ve become and who I’m becoming!

This tea & chat may never happen, I’m not even sure whether I want it to but I AM sure that whatever the future holds, the outcome I’m ‘letting go’ with Love so I can live my life from a place of love & positivity, acceptance and trust.

Thank You.

Love Deirdre Nicole xx

“The Past is in the Past

YOU choose whether You

Want it to Last?”

(Deirdre Ward)