“An inner calling

Between our hearts

A beat, a breath

Travels along

Connections come

A shared language

I for you, You for I”



The Tough Cookie x x



Who are those people in your life that show up for you? Those that you can call, reach out to for those times when life throws hurdles on your path?



Do you reach out to those special people when you’re struggling or needing a listening ear/helping hand? Or do you wear that mask, say you’re ‘grand’ (typical Irish response!) cover it up and not want to be a ‘burden’ to another?



Are you taking time out of your schedule to catch up with those friends that are dear to you? Are you adding some FUN into your weekly routine along with those that ignore joy and laughter in your life? As they say the friends are the family we choose, sometimes they even feel closer to us than family.



I am so extremely grateful for those ‘soul pals’ (a term a dear friend shared with me this week which I love!) that are in my life, for showing up for me, for hearing me and showing their love by listening rather than fixing 💜🙏⭐️👭



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What Wavelength are You Tuned into? 🎼🎶

This last week I had been trying to get back writing my blogs and I just felt I had a mental block and was lacking inspiration/ideas to write about. I never force a piece so I didn’t write. It frustrated me but I also learned a lesson: it’s impossible to force something that is not there or within. 

I had a shit week. Everything seemed to overwhelm me, I was exhausted from constantly being on the go, juggling different areas of my life at a time and felt extremely run down. My health was suffering, I wasn’t sleeping properly, my food choices were not the most healthy and I felt anxious and on edge. I didn’t train/exercise as often as I usually do. I think this happens us all. Our ‘problems/challenges’ seem to take over, the anxieties and insecurities become loud in our head, the overwhelming feeling that things will never resolve themselves and that you are STUCK. It can seem like those around you are ‘living the dream’, sailing through their lives and bypassing you! 

Part of the overwhelming feeling this week was connected to feeling quite isolated/lonely. I am not one to ever usually ask for help, to reach out to someone often with my ‘baggage’ or problems. I never want to be a ‘burden’ or sound negative to somebody else. Sure isn’t everyone dealing with their own case full of baggage? They don’t need mine. Ryanair would have a field day! What I did learn this week however is that true friends don’t view it as baggage, they don’t feel drained after listening, a true friend is happy to help out, offer advice and doesn’t see you as sounding negative or that you’re offloading. I did step into this role that seems quite alien to me, I did open up to a friend and explained how this last week was horrendous, how I felt physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted with not a lot left to ‘give’. That’s my problem. More often than not I place myself in the position of ‘giving’. I choose to do this, I love to help out people but it’s to my own detriment. There comes the time then when I’m floored, with no energy, feeling stuck and ‘not myself’. 

It’s such an Irish thing to ask someone how they are and to not even listen or wait for the response. If somebody does reply with I’m feeling shit or I’m not ok it very often stuns the other person. Why? It can make them feel uncomfortable. That’s not the answer you were supposed to give!!! Surely you were supposed to say “I’m Grand”?? This is probably one of my most detested words! Grand! What does it even mean!! I try not to ask anyone how they are anymore unless I have the time and attention to give to them to actually hear exactly how they are. 

This week I didn’t even stop and ask myself how I was. So many times when I become busy and feel tired I loose touch with my body. I don’t know how I feel because I avoid the feelings and don’t have ‘time’! We all have time to check in with our soul and to really listen to what it is saying. Now is everything really ‘Grand?’ It’s possible to listen to other’s souls also, next time when talking with a friend try to listen into the wavelength of their station and hear what music their soul is playing? Not the music they’re singing in their head but the notes and lyrics that resound from deep within their soul.

“Listen to Your Soul

It Sings a Special Song 

If Others Listen Closely

They too will Sing Along” 

(Deirdre Ward) 

Find A Friend for Life 👭👫

Sometimes when your having a bad day, when you feel like nothing is going right and you just need someone to ‘get it’ and ‘understand’ that one friend you reach out to, have a chat with, a cry with, a smile with can make the ‘worst’ day all ok again.

Does this happen to you? Who is that person you turn to when you need cheering up, a hug, a rant, or even that person you need to set you straight and tell you as it is?!! An honesty they possess that is admirable, no bullshitting!

I’m very grateful and lucky to have many good friends and within those I can say I have a handful that I could go to no matter what, I could go to them with the ‘good, the bad, the ugly!’

Do you ever stop and think about what people have come into your life at a particular time? Was there a reason? (There’s always a reason if you ask me!!!) Did you need to meet them at that particular time? Did they help you learn a lesson? Maybe that lesson was full of positivity or perhaps it was a tougher challenge in order to become stronger within, to respect yourself more and know how you deserve to be treated?

Perhaps it’s time to reflect on the kind of friend YOU have been to others? Have you been a good listener? Have you given your time to check in and connect with friends? Have you helped a friend out recently?

Life can get hectic. We all become really busy, however what good is life if we don’t make TIME for the people we have in our lives, to make memories, share ourselves with others? Human beings need connection, face to face interaction in order to survive. No matter how terrible you feel or how shit your life may feel right now, reach out to that friend you can rely on, that friend you wish to make amends with, that friend who needs some support.

You might just be making a really BIG difference. In giving we receive 👌🙌🏻

Happy Ever After… 👰🏻🤵❤️

I loved this photo of the recent Royal wedding. It captures the bond, the union and love that exists on a wedding day and how for the rest of their lives (hopefully!!) they are committed, honest, loyal and true to most importantly themselves and also their partner.

I had the absolute pleasure of joining a very dear friend of mine to a wedding dress fitting last weekend. This being only the second time to experience this, the first time with my sister. I was super excited for my friend and absolutely honoured that she would think of me and wanted me to come give my honest opinion on the dress before she made her final decision.

While I waited for her to change into the dress I moved around the shop, feeling slightly ‘out of place‘! I began to rummage through some of the white floor length, bridal gowns and began to imagine the style I’d pick, the colour, the detail etc I began to feel somewhat overwhelmed by the array of styles, from glitzy to simple, strapless to 3/4 length! God how does one pick?!! It seems SO difficult to choose. I did feel a sense of sadness rise within, a sadness that I haven’t found that love yet, that one special someone to share the rest of my life with, my fears, my failings, my hopes, my dreams, most importantly my LOVE!

That sadness quickly lifted when I was called by my friend to come and see her in her gown.WOW!!! She looked so beautiful, the dress was made to fit her and the love, excitement and happiness I felt for her in that instant banished ANY sadness or fear I had previously felt daydreaming of my story!!

This is exactly what can happen to us – we get so caught up in our own personal woes, stories, fears and doubts/worries about keeping up with everyone else, about trying to find the answers, the love, the house, the career, the car, the holiday………….. and all the while we miss moments just like this one, moments for others, for friends, for family, for strangers, those moments that bring such happiness, joy, love, pride. Surely it’s in moments we feel for others that give us the MOST sense of fulfilment and love!

On Sunday other moments happened for me while attending the Body, Mind, Soul Expo in Belfast where I gave my personal story – the Tough Cookie talk. I love to share personal insights on how I have unlocked my powerful, confident and authentic self!

A lady at the end of my talk touched my heart when she told me she had asked the universe for a sign earlier that day, a sign for guidance, an answer to help her gain awareness and insight in relation to her life, and areas she was struggling with. I was deeply touched when she told me that she received her message, that I was her sign and that now she knew what she needed to do in order to move forward.

WOW!! 💜

Love is so so SO much more than the big white dress or the bow tie on one of the most important days of your life, yes that’s one memorable day, but LOVE is also found in every single day, those connections, those encounters, those little signs that leave the biggest imprint!

“If You’re Looking for Love

And Expect it to Fly in

Just like a White Dove!

You may just Miss

The Everyday Bliss

Those little Signs

Not just on Valentines!

There’s LOVE All Around

It can be Found!

Open your Eyes

Open your Heart

You might just Start

To Feel less ‘Apart’ ❤️

(Deirdre Ward)

Some People have Invisible Wings!! 👼💕

Do people ever enter your life and you think ‘gosh that was meant to be’ or ‘I feel like I know that person all my life?’ You feel connected immediately as if you’ve met before? Or has somebody ever guided you in making a decision or in a path to follow that has helped you with a challenge or helped you find answers you were searching for?

This has happened me numerous times in the past, no doubt it had been happening all my life but I was unaware of it, I wasn’t open enough to seeing it or perhaps believing it.

So many people I have met I have felt an immediate connection with, shared some similar stories (this can even be spooky at times!!) so many coincidences, too many to mention! Do you believe it’s All Chance? Or is there more behind these incidents? These acquaintances? I believe there is.

I love to think of certain people on this planet as ‘Earth Angels’. There are so so many gifted and talented people out there for many different reasons. We are all gifted, however some of us are still searching for those gifts, struggle to see them, but trust me they’re there. You might just need to ‘waken up’, take a look in that mirror.

Only yesterday I had an experience with one of the many angels in my life! I was dosed with the flu in bed, feeling horrendous struggling with the dose and on top of it my constant struggle with my gut. It was my Mam’s 72nd Birthday, our 4th one without her so I guess you could say that I have had better days! I posted a cherished photo of mine and my mams hands clasped together on social media as a little tribute and one very special friend reached out to me and sent me a message to ‘check in’ with me and send some love. She asked how I was feeling and asked about my health as she’s aware of the challenges I’ve had of late. She also has her own pain with her health and so as before shared how she finds great help from a healer that she visits. This news was nothing I hadn’t heard before but something made me act yesterday, I rang his number in the off chance of getting an appointment. In my mind I was thinking of next Tuesday as I’m travelling to Dublin anyways and thought I may be able to kill two birds with one stone, but I knew this healer is so popular that there is usually a waiting list of a few months.

To make a long story short, I couldn’t believe it when I rang and the lady said he’d just gotten a cancellation for next Tuesday morning!! WOW! This had to be!!

Without that message from my dear friend, I would not have made the phone call yesterday. I also find it comforting that these little signs happened on my mam’s birthday as I know in my heart and soul she’s holding my hand every single day, loving me, guiding me and helping me.

Who are the Earth Angels in Your Life? How do You try to be one for others?


Thank you to this Tough Cookie for a very insightful and touching piece. It came at just the right time for me to read it 👌🌊🙌🏻

I don’t have any particular wisdom to impart. At the end of the day, we share universal experiences in living and suffering, yet each experience is ultimately a personal journey.

A friend of mines father passed away recently. He suffered from dementia. My friend said he had died long ago to him. I can’t really relate to that – but my mom did die prematurely from cancer. The finality of it all remains a tough pill to swallow, even though the acceptance came eventually.

Dad has given up a lot on life in fairness. Can I blame him? Yes – but it’s his life ultimately. He will chose how he will live the rest of it out. It can be an exhausting battle to raise spirits, but it’s worth it for the fleeting moments of relief spread across his well wrinkled face.

Friends mean well and try to lift spirits when days get a bit tough. I think it’s those who just cannot relate who cause the most frustration – and yet they are inevitably the ones who go to the most effort to “help”. My perfect life is long gone lads but that’s OK too, it was never meant to be.

Some of those people turn out to be my closest friends. It can be an awkward scenario.

I had the birthday recently. “Why don’t you celebrate it?” is the common question.

Its complex lads.

Always a big family moment. The mother was always providing the black forest gateaux and lighting the candles across the table.

Jesus, that won’t happen again. Let me wallow in it.

And then the surprise cake appears and the guilt of actually enjoying the moment melts away while I share conversation with those who I’ve known through thick and thin.

The best remedy turns out to be the last thing that I think will work. Probably should note that for every other time I feel like shit.

In the meantime, Dad hasn’t brought himself to wish me a happy birthday yet. We both know he hasn’t forgotten – just it’s usually a joint effort. It was a massive moment for him not to pass the pen to mom to sign her signature saying love you to her eternally baby boy. I can forgive him that.

There’s a lot to be said for introspection. But probably a lot more to be said for just saying to hell with it.

I hate having to remember what I’ve gone through after mom died but my god has it stood to me. I actually feel slightly sorry for those who haven’t gone through a rough period yet. There’s no avoiding it really. Embrace the darkness, for you will be more resilient next time.

Life is about inspirational quotes, Instagram filters and #bethebestversionofyourself apparently. I’d probably have seen the sense in that before Mom squeezed my hand for the last time as I watched her die before me. But whatever floats your boat.

Life is a damn struggle and feeling like shit is all part of the journey. We don’t deserve anything we get but whatever we do get, it pays to stop and reflect on our experiences, whether they are good or bad. Take everything on board and make sure you learn something from it regardless.

That’s the lens I like to see it through. The joy in life has shifted towards a satisfaction with contentment. The sea of life is pretty choppy and even on the finest of days there’s usually a few waves. Anticipate the bad days and appreciate the good.

My Truth 👭👫🗣

I don’t even know where to begin, but here goes…

I am turning 31 this summer and I have lived a full life of grief & hurt, I have been used & disguarded in my short years. The pain & grief felt from so many family, friends and people I trusted & loved, either leaving this life to enter another where they don’t suffer anymore or friends just not bothering with me.

The friends part is fine, I just carry on but the lasting grief you have after someone close to you passes on, is heavy. I tried to deal with it and more sorrow came along and it shook me to my core!

I was brought up to respect my elders, to show curtsy and to be well mannered. To treat others as you wanted to be treated, but ‘others’ have not treated me this way. People I’ve known most of my life. One person in particular, no matter how many years went by, we always crossed paths at some stage and as they said to me ‘it’s like we spoke yesterday!’ To feel safe with someone and have a very close relationship/friendship with that person and letting them know, is kind of a big deal. You would do anything for them, as its being loyal to that person.

Always tell the truth even if it’s the hardest thing in your world to do, you will have respect for that. I told the truth after keeping so many secrets for this ‘friend’ so much so that I was even told what to say to keep lying for them. That is not a close-friend/friend. For that I let people know the truth and in return I was stalked, followed, approached by others, bullied and suffered severe depression, anxiety, panic attacks & extreme hair loss. This person completely broke me and I couldn’t deal with all this.

Over the last 3.5/4years of all this I had to learn how to build myself up, go outside, find work, find help for myself all on my own. Throughout all of this, it showed me who really was there when I needed them. After losing alot of my hair due to stress and not sleeping because of nightmares, it’s been a tough time but with that ‘Time‘ I’ve grown my hair back, took on a challenging job in which I help others and I’m more involved in the Community.

I give my knowledge from those dark times of depression, anxiety & panic attacks to understanding the signs that others are struggling with life and try to help them.

My Message to You:

“Look after yourself!

Life was hell, but I’m STRONGER for it”

Thank You to Another Tough Cookie for sharing a piece of their story 💪🏻🍪💜

Are YOU Whole? 🔍

Do you allow others to take ‘pieces’ or ‘chunks’ out of you or have you the control to give to others when you feel it’s needed? Do you make conscious decisions about when you help another or do you find yourself being taken advantage of and others deciding for you?

One thing that fascinates me is the energy you can feel and sense from others. Some people uplift you, others bring you down, some you can feel a huge sadness for and some you can sense their love/compassion for you. I don’t stop and take notice enough of how another ‘is‘ with me and in my company. At times I’m too distracted by myself, my life, my worries and workload.

I love to give to others in ways that help them, positively make a little difference and be that listening ear. Lately my own head has felt full to the brim, I need a decluttering so that I can fully ‘be’ with others when in company. I’ve gotten so much stronger at being able to choose/identify who and what brings joy to my life, is impacting my life positively, where there’s a mutual gain and to put my priorities first.

“Giving & Receiving

Both bring Meaning

It’s Not about Needing

You don’t Have to be

Always ‘Pleasing'”

(Deirdre Ward)

Friend’s Frequencies ⚡️💥⚡️

We are all full of Energy and when we meet people we transmit our energy field to them and vice versa. Ever wonder why some people can leave you feeling physically drained/negative and others can uplift/excite you and leave you feeling positive? It’s down to energy and what’s being communicated. 

I was feeling fairly stuck in a rut the last week or two. Trying to find work, wanting a fresh start and just feeling lost as to where I’m headed. No map or sat nav could help! My energy was most definitely low and my vibes were negative and hopeless. Do you ever feel that just nothing is falling into place for you or going your way despite your hardest efforts? Have you ever felt what’s the point anymore and feel like giving up? I have and last week was one such week! 

UNTIL…. I met with and spoke to some of my FABULOUS FRIENDS. Those friends whose energy is uplifting, who always know the right words to say and at times that’s not saying a single word! Those friends who make me smile, who remind me that life, although it can be a real struggle and seem as though you’re being hit from all angles, is wonderful, is bright and will improve. 

Nobody can be cheerful, happy and positive at all times but it’s those special people that are there for you, that give you support, that never give up on you and remind you of your dreams/believe in you that are as I like to call them my “Earth Angels”. I am most definitely one of those people that are extremely sensitive to the energy that a person omits. It can be so uselful and I love that I can tune into how a person is feeling but when I allow it to transmit into my being/world it can be damaging and detrimental to my health: mind, body and soul. I am constantly trying to protect and shield myself from those negative/draining energies as best I can. Of course I hope I do listen and support my friends/family who need that listening ear, support when times are tough. It’s just all about BALANCE. Various ways such as changing the tone to the brighter side of things, imagining a protective bubble around me, suggesting ways to help improve the person’s situation are all little ways to try and ultimately protect myself from being pulled down into a lower energy/mood. 

“Sparks Fly 

Between You & I

Positive or Negative?

You can Feel Supersensitive! 

Your Armour you can Wear

Your Energy you’ll Spare

Don’t Allow Another 

To Pull You Under” 

(Deirdre Ward) 

Afraid to Touch?🤚🏼💋🤝

Are you a touchy feely person or do you squirm away when somebody reaches out for that embrace, that hug, to hold your hand? 

I love hugs and showing affection physically to people but it is so interesting to see how certain people just cannot take a close embrace. Some people cannot deal with touch, somebody showing affection and cannot give this affection in return easily either. In my opinion Touch is an essential facet of life, from the beginning as tiny babies we need that loving touch, those warm cuddles, that tender closeness with adults to keep us alive, to fulfill our needs. Babies are so dependent on others. Why does that touch and tenderness have to stop? Do we reach a particular age where we just have to toughen up, close up and not receive or show this love, tenderness and closeness with another? 

A simple handshake to introduce yourself, a hand on somebody’s arm/shoulder to show support, a warm hug to express love and care, holding hands with that special someone as a symbol of two souls conjoined. Surely these are all normal and natural expressions? 

“Don’t Allow Life to Harden You

Don’t Allow Life to Push others Away 

Begin Today 

That Hand 

That Touch 

That Expression of Love! 

See your Heart Open 

You’ll Fill with Emotion”

(Deirdre Ward) 

Positive Vibes, Positive Minds 🌟👭💪🏻

What kind of people come into your life? What type of people are you friends with? Is the energy that you share positive, bright and uplifting to attract those that are also likeminded, upbeat and encouraging or is your presence one of negativity, depressive and dull? 

I really believe that what you give out comes back to you. I know life can be so challenging, there are times when you just can’t feel bright and positive but that is when true friends come along support and lift you up. It could even be a stranger who feels your energy and knows you’re in need of a helping hand, that friendly smile or that little conversation. 

I am so blessed to have so many like minded people in my life who understand me, my beliefs and who encourage and support me when it’s needed. It’s so important to surround yourself with people that mirror your personality, your beliefs and push you to be a better person. Sometimes that personal journey that we are all travelling on needs that all important co-pilot to direct you and keep you on track. 

Thank you to all those bright, shining stars in my life that help, support and love me. I appreciate you ALL and I’m so grateful to have found you all 🌟🙋🏻🌟 you know who you are 💖 

“If Your Tribe 

Don’t Shine Bright 

Or Add to Your Life

You Might just Need to 

Say Goodbye 

Because Otherwise 

You May Never Fly”

(Deirdre Ward) 

Is Mick really a ‘Prick?’ 😳💪🏻🤷🏻‍♀️🏋🏼

I don’t usually write pieces about other people but certain people really do just need to be exposed and revealed! And sure don’t you keep asking me Mick when this ‘badass Deirdre’ will appear?!! 

Are you worried? You should be! I’m worried for class this morning once you read this 😜🙈😂

I have been training at VikingFit under the guidance of coach Mick Coleman now for over one year. I have always loved sports, keeping fit and challenging myself physically. When a friend of mine last year suggested that I try out VikingFit I was apprehensive and unsure. Powerlifting? Really? I’m not so sure. I don’t want to be bulky and have big masculine muscles. These thoughts were going through my mind. 

At this time in my life I was pretty much ‘stuck in a rut’. I was struggling with some health issues and I was loosing motivation and just simply lacking energy to move my body. I felt my body was attacking me. I still face challenges today with my health but since beginning my journey with VikingFit and being under the guidance of Mick, my life has truly been transformed for the better. You might think this sounds overly exaggerated but I kid you not I am honestly stating how much this man and his classes have added positively to my life. 

So this man. Who is he? (Be afraid Mick, be very afraid!!) ha ha – that’s burpees for certain for me today! 🙈 

Mick is World Class. When I say world class I again kid you not. He has won numerous World Titles in Powerlifting and only last month Mick won his fourth consecutive world title. The VikingFit team came back from the World Championships in Antwerp with six World Titles, two bronze and a fourth place. The five Vikings battled with 400 other lifters from 23 countries. For a small island like Ireland and an even smaller town like Stranorlar in Donegal, these achievements speak volumes. 

World Class doesn’t happen without the support, guidance, motivation, encouragement, dedication, persistence, belief and passion from a coach like Mick Coleman. Yes all the girls who competed and every single person who enters the doors of VikingFit, whether it be for personal training or the group classes, work hard, put in effort and commit to getting in shape, however NOTHING would be achieved/accomplished only for a sound and knowledgeable mentor. A prick? Certainly not!! (Yes I do know we give you some abuse during classes Mick, but its all a reflection of the toughness of class and the continued challenges you present us with!) we love it really and we really do love you too!! 

No matter what, every day I enter those doors I am greeted with a smile, a friendly hello and a warm presence. I don’t believe there’s too many people that can say they look ‘forward’ to going to an exercise class. Well I always do, well 90% of the time!! 10% being my own mood/lack of motivation. I have NEVER left a class without feeling better physically and mentally. VikingFit is a tonic for the soul. The people I have met through classes are wonderful, hilariously funny, motivating, caring and kind, genuine, friendly and I can call so many of them friends. It really is like a little family. We share our frustrations, sadness, happiness, anger, joy, celebrations, advice (you name it, its shared!) Mick really does put up with a lot from us women (as he says “suck it up princess“) as do the other males present but he takes it all in his stride. He offers a listening ear should you need it and always adds a laugh to put that smile on your face. 

I want to Thank You Mick from the bottom of my heart for being a bright, shining star in my life this past year. You believe in every single one of us and it means so much especially when we don’t always believe in ourselves. I don’t think you will know/believe the extent of that light. Keep Shining! 🌟 I am so proud to be a Viking and part of the VikingFit Family. 🙋🏻💜

Some messages from other Vikings:

“I feel that Mick’s love for powerlifting is being passed on to all of us. That we can all call ourselves powerlifters and feel proud of being part of this amazing sport. He is an amazing coach sharing his knowledge and letting us all develop at our own pace”  (Sarah)

I have never really stuck at any form of exercise in the past. I’ve tried several forms but nothing stuck. When I started Viking fit with Mick I found a class that I have kept going back to and better yet, enjoyed. I always leave Viking fit with a smile on my face even if it is bright red.😊 Since joining Viking fit over 2 years ago now I have met a great group of people most of whom have become my friends. There is always a laugh shared and craic to be had. Mick has created this environment that allows people to come and get stronger and fitter. He manages to make every class challenging whilst not forgetting about making it interesting and most importantly fun. (Roisin) 

“I will never forget it, in the base and Mick was demonstrating busters and all we heard was a ripping sound, ass out off the trousers – wasn’t the 1st pair either hence always wearing shorts now 😂😂 funny guy but great trainer and friend” (anonymous!) 

“It always make me laugh when he says “Just keep ticking along” he thinks it helps everyone but usually drives everyone crazy😂😂” 

Im with Viking fit two years and still loving every minute. I started off personal training and then went into the main class. I was so nervous but Mick told me not to worry and he was right. I never looked back. Mick is fantastic at what he does, his classes are brilliant and the craic is good. I have met some fabulous people. Every class is different and that’s what makes it. The amount of work Mick puts into Vikingfit is unreal. He is a credit to the Vikings 😁and I’m proud to be a Viking 💪🏻😜 (Natasha) 

“Mick..is more than a trainer..he is a mentor..a friend..sometimes a counsellor and creates Viking Fit workouts that are the bomb..” (anonymous) 


“I have 3 words to describe Mick for me, as Tina Turner says “Simply The Best” (Nicola)

“I don’t know him as long as the rest of you but one thing I will say is that he makes the hard training and work worth it in some weird way. While he compliments us on our progress(es) in his own way he makes the hard work fun and I for one, can definitely credit him with giving me the new me. Thanks Mick 🙂 and when I get over this injury I will be back…!!!! ❤️” (Aoife) 

“Many days I imagine how I would throw a kettlebell at him or throttle him with a TRX but truth be told I think the absolute world of him. After being with him all these years and seeing the results, I would be lost without him. To be competing in power lifting is a dream come true and it’s all thanks to him 😂 (Emma) 

VikingFit truly is a family affair. His wife Paulina is a World Champion also and together they make the best team! Although he has all of us women to put up with and he may be a prick at times, 

   “He is OUR Prick!!” 😍💯💪🏻😂💙

Forever Friends 👭👫

I’d be lost without my friends. During tough times it becomes very clear who is there for you, who offers that listening ear, those words of wisdom and advice and those that you know are there any time of the day or night for you. 

I hope to think I am also that friend for many. A friendship takes work, it takes effort and there has to be a balance. There has to be Give and Take. It cannot be one sided. That’s not to say that at times it isn’t one sided especially when one of you may be going through a rough patch but the roles are always reversed and the support and love is always there when the situation is swapped. 

If it’s one sided all the time, if it’s a constant conversation/dialogue of one person’s problems, relationships, fears, celebrations etc then it is not a true friendship. It’s more of a service and it can be challenging especially if the other person is offloading all their baggage on you. It’s important to be honest with the person and perhaps let them know how you feel and help them become aware of what their behaviour is and how it is affecting you. If you don’t tell them they may not know. I am trying my best to do this in my life; to be brutally honest when someone/something is not working for me and especially when I feel my own well-being/health is being affected. It can seem like confrontations and can feel awkward but again if the other person is a true friend it won’t matter and the friendship will remain strong if not stronger. 

Thank you to ALL my beautiful and wonderful friends whom have helped shape me to be who I am today. Thank you for your time, your words and most importantly your love. It’s very much appreciated and I appreciate you ALL. 😘

What Wavelength are YOU on? 🎼🎶

I had just finished writing a piece this morning and was just about to publish it when I somehow managed to delete it!! Frustrated much?? For sure!! Particularly when I have so much work to get through today. Perhaps it wasn’t meant to be!

Wouldn’t it be so wonderful to be able to just press the ‘DELETE’ button for times in our lives also. How easy it would be to just pick and choose what we want to hold on to and erase at the hit of a button. This new invention would have been very beneficial to me this last week. I had a shit week where I just felt totally exhausted mentally, physically and emotionally. It felt like I was constantly on the go juggling various parts of my life all at once. I am NOT a good juggler! Definitely not cut out for the circus. I felt sort of overwhelmed, on edge and anxious. It wasn’t like anything in particular ‘happened’. Why do we always feel we NEED a reason, an explanation to have a shit day? What if I can’t explain it?

I became overwhelmed when I was asked and thought about WHO are the people in my life I can go to to talk to, to reach out for a little helping hand, for comfort in their presence and just a listening ear. I was overwhelmed because I didn’t quite know! For all of you who know me Deirdre doesn’t really do that – I don’t show my weaknesses as best as I can, I offer the help and advice more than ever asking for it, after all I AM the TOUGH COOKIE!! But then what happens? I am left feeling lonely and have nothing else to ‘give’ as my tank is running low.

What I did learn this week is that this is NOT entirely true. I do have people I can turn to for help, to listen, to be a helping hand and to just BE there. It isn’t a sign of weakness, it takes great courage and strength to really fully open up to somebody and express and show that raw emotion that is in your soul. Thankfully I did talk with a friend this week and allowed them into my soul, into my core and trusted them to share in this ‘Deirdre’! Some people do just ‘get it’ and I feel very lucky/blessed to have one or two special people who just ‘get me’.

I am learning to give to myself as much as I give to others. At the end of the day if I don’t look after myself – my body, my mind I will be no use to anybody else anyway. This week I didn’t take the time to really stop, listen and tune into my soul. I was in my head and this is not the place that tells me what is going on in my life. Take time out to hear the song your soul is singing. Take time out from singing along to everybody else’s music and connect to your wavelength.

“Listen to Your Soul

It Sings a Special Song

If Other’s Listen

They too Will Sing Along” 

(Deirdre Ward)


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Feeling Energised or Ready to Drop? 🙄

What type of person are you? Are you a kind, honest, loving and gentle soul? Do you support your friends, give them encouragement and advice, a shoulder to cry on, a helping hand etc or are you jealous, resentful, bitter and want to see those friends fall in life? Could you be holiding the knife that cuts their chord? 

At times in my life I focus too much on those around me and on my external environment. Sadly I can be too quick to judge and want to blame others for certain circumstances/situations etc. We are too quick to point the finger of blame outwards. I do feel I have improved at taking the onus for certain scenarios and will own up to being in the wrong/taking the blame if I was at fault. As mentioned we are only human and of course none of us are perfect but it is very important to self reflect and to take a look in the mirror and point that finger inwards every once in a while. 

When we feel hurt, disappointed, let down by others that is when it can be very easy to hold that grudge, feel that bitterness and feel angry. Forgiveness can be difficult to find. We have all been there. There have been many times I have felt this way and did not take a look at my ‘half’ of certain relationships. Lately I am much more aware and conscious of my half and to give my 50% effort and commitment. This is my problem however, to only give half and to not try to ‘steal’ from the other person’s portion. I have a tendency to try too hard at times and then I wonder why I don’t receive the same in return! This can lead to disappointments. This is due to giving more than my ‘share’ at times with particular relationships. It is crucial to never expect anything from anybody but yourself! In this way you’ll never feel let down. 

I am not saying that we become completely strict with ourselves and start to measure ones love/friendship etc in terms of this strict half and half scale! Of course at times we need to give more or we need to receive more. We are even unable to give at all at particular moments in life when we are floored due to grief, due to heartache, due to shock and other tough/challenging times. Other times we can give 100%, feel full of energy and love, want to express this life inside of us and emanate it to all around us. When we are in this mood everyone benefits. 

We all consist of Energy. This energy may change on a daily basis, on an hourly basis, it may never change etc We are all affected by our thoughts within, by life’s circumstances, by joy/sadness and by all those around us. I am somebody who feels people’s energies deeply and this can be hugely beneficial but it can also be hugely detrimental! When I meet someone with an uplifting, positive and bright energy it boosts me, I feel elated and it always ignites passion and love within my soul. On the other hand if I encounter somebody with whom I sense a low energy exists where their outlook is more negative it can literally drain the life and soul from me and leave me feeling depleted of my own energy. We have to be careful of certain energies and protect ourselves to only allow in those bright, colourful and uplifting energies that will benefit us and our mood. We have to be selfish in order to protect ourselves. 

“Feel your Energy

Flow through Your Body;

Like the Sea 

It can be Calm, it can be Choppy! 

In Constant Motion

It Ebs & Flows

Allow it Always to Truly Glow” 🌟

(Deirdre Ward)