Positivity = Progress

How does your body feel? It’s the only true place you live in so does it feel comfortable, strong or does it feel unsteady and weak?

For me, it’s not yet strong and comfortable due to certain health complaints but I am trying my best to build it up, to fill in those cracks and to feel steady, grounded and like new. When I say like new I don’t mean to look ‘perfect’, to look amazing on the outside (yes that would be a huge added bonus) but I really mean to feel like new within, for my organs to function at their best, for my energy levels to increase, for my eating habits to be healthful and for my body to move at ease. And surely if all this was in place I’d look great on the outside too? I do believe the outer facade that’s presented to the world (unless ‘pretending’) does reflect the inner feelings of the body.

I haven’t been able to get back to running for some time but it hasn’t stopped me from moving my body and trying to get stronger. I’ve had some super classes and instructors that have helped pushed me, believed in me and made me feel good mentally & physically. It’s not all about the class, it’s the people you meet, the vibes from others, the camaraderie, which makes me question how I ever went to a gym and exercised alone?!!

I’m trying to keep a balance of high intensity exercise but also a more relaxed and gentle approach within my life also. (One which hadn’t been present much) I used to focus on exercise as nearly punishment and ‘beating’ my body up. This is NOT a good approach. We all need balance and to view exercise as tending to our bodies and not in a negative or punitive way.

Currently I go to Pumpfit with Julianne Murphy, Tai Chi and I enjoy walks along the beach. Pumpfit is amazing and empowering, a group of ladies working out and feeling strong together. Julianne is a gem. She is so encouraging, energetic, motivational and she puts her ALL into her classes. She exercises with us, her energy is inspiring and she is such a little bright light in so many ways 🌟 These characteristics in an instructor are essential, it’s evident she loves her job and this Positivity is passed on to all within the class. You always leave feeling like you could achieve anything you wanted: a marathon, to climb Everest! All in good time!!! πŸ˜‚

The gentle approach to moving my body doesn’t come as natural to me but I’m working on it, I’m trying my best to listen to my body and communicate with it, having only one week of Tai Chi completed I already love the calmness, the flow and the headspace it creates.

I’m most definitely a work in progress but progress is what’s important! πŸ™‹πŸ»πŸ’ͺ🏻

“Surround Yourself with


Those People & Places

That bring

Graces” 🌟🌸


Is Mick really a ‘Prick?’ 😳πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ‹πŸΌ

I don’t usually write pieces about other people but certain people really do just need to be exposed and revealed! And sure don’t you keep asking me Mick when this ‘badass Deirdre’ will appear?!! 

Are you worried? You should be! I’m worried for class this morning once you read this πŸ˜œπŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚

I have been training at VikingFit under the guidance of coach Mick Coleman now for over one year. I have always loved sports, keeping fit and challenging myself physically. When a friend of mine last year suggested that I try out VikingFit I was apprehensive and unsure. Powerlifting? Really? I’m not so sure. I don’t want to be bulky and have big masculine muscles. These thoughts were going through my mind. 

At this time in my life I was pretty much ‘stuck in a rut’. I was struggling with some health issues and I was loosing motivation and just simply lacking energy to move my body. I felt my body was attacking me. I still face challenges today with my health but since beginning my journey with VikingFit and being under the guidance of Mick, my life has truly been transformed for the better. You might think this sounds overly exaggerated but I kid you not I am honestly stating how much this man and his classes have added positively to my life. 

So this man. Who is he? (Be afraid Mick, be very afraid!!) ha ha – that’s burpees for certain for me today! πŸ™ˆ 

Mick is World Class. When I say world class I again kid you not. He has won numerous World Titles in Powerlifting and only last month Mick won his fourth consecutive world title. The VikingFit team came back from the World Championships in Antwerp with six World Titles, two bronze and a fourth place. The five Vikings battled with 400 other lifters from 23 countries. For a small island like Ireland and an even smaller town like Stranorlar in Donegal, these achievements speak volumes. 

World Class doesn’t happen without the support, guidance, motivation, encouragement, dedication, persistence, belief and passion from a coach like Mick Coleman. Yes all the girls who competed and every single person who enters the doors of VikingFit, whether it be for personal training or the group classes, work hard, put in effort and commit to getting in shape, however NOTHING would be achieved/accomplished only for a sound and knowledgeable mentor. A prick? Certainly not!! (Yes I do know we give you some abuse during classes Mick, but its all a reflection of the toughness of class and the continued challenges you present us with!) we love it really and we really do love you too!! 

No matter what, every day I enter those doors I am greeted with a smile, a friendly hello and a warm presence. I don’t believe there’s too many people that can say they look ‘forward’ to going to an exercise class. Well I always do, well 90% of the time!! 10% being my own mood/lack of motivation. I have NEVER left a class without feeling better physically and mentally. VikingFit is a tonic for the soul. The people I have met through classes are wonderful, hilariously funny, motivating, caring and kind, genuine, friendly and I can call so many of them friends. It really is like a little family. We share our frustrations, sadness, happiness, anger, joy, celebrations, advice (you name it, its shared!) Mick really does put up with a lot from us women (as he says “suck it up princess“) as do the other males present but he takes it all in his stride. He offers a listening ear should you need it and always adds a laugh to put that smile on your face. 

I want to Thank You Mick from the bottom of my heart for being a bright, shining star in my life this past year. You believe in every single one of us and it means so much especially when we don’t always believe in ourselves. I don’t think you will know/believe the extent of that light. Keep Shining! 🌟 I am so proud to be a Viking and part of the VikingFit Family. πŸ™‹πŸ»πŸ’œ

Some messages from other Vikings:

“I feel that Mick’s love for powerlifting is being passed on to all of us. That we can all call ourselves powerlifters and feel proud of being part of this amazing sport. He is an amazing coach sharing his knowledge and letting us all develop at our own pace”  (Sarah)

I have never really stuck at any form of exercise in the past. I’ve tried several forms but nothing stuck. When I started Viking fit with Mick I found a class that I have kept going back to and better yet, enjoyed. I always leave Viking fit with a smile on my face even if it is bright red.😊 Since joining Viking fit over 2 years ago now I have met a great group of people most of whom have become my friends. There is always a laugh shared and craic to be had. Mick has created this environment that allows people to come and get stronger and fitter. He manages to make every class challenging whilst not forgetting about making it interesting and most importantly fun. (Roisin) 

“I will never forget it, in the base and Mick was demonstrating busters and all we heard was a ripping sound, ass out off the trousers – wasn’t the 1st pair either hence always wearing shorts now πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ funny guy but great trainer and friend” (anonymous!) 

“It always make me laugh when he says “Just keep ticking along” he thinks it helps everyone but usually drives everyone crazyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚” 

Im with Viking fit two years and still loving every minute. I started off personal training and then went into the main class. I was so nervous but Mick told me not to worry and he was right. I never looked back. Mick is fantastic at what he does, his classes are brilliant and the craic is good. I have met some fabulous people. Every class is different and that’s what makes it. The amount of work Mick puts into Vikingfit is unreal. He is a credit to the Vikings 😁and I’m proud to be a Viking πŸ’ͺ🏻😜 (Natasha) 

“Mick..is more than a trainer..he is a mentor..a friend..sometimes a counsellor and creates Viking Fit workouts that are the bomb..” (anonymous) 


“I have 3 words to describe Mick for me, as Tina Turner says “Simply The Best” (Nicola)

“I don’t know him as long as the rest of you but one thing I will say is that he makes the hard training and work worth it in some weird way. While he compliments us on our progress(es) in his own way he makes the hard work fun and I for one, can definitely credit him with giving me the new me. Thanks Mick πŸ™‚ and when I get over this injury I will be back…!!!! ❀️” (Aoife) 

“Many days I imagine how I would throw a kettlebell at him or throttle him with a TRX but truth be told I think the absolute world of him. After being with him all these years and seeing the results, I would be lost without him. To be competing in power lifting is a dream come true and it’s all thanks to him πŸ˜‚ (Emma) 

VikingFit truly is a family affair. His wife Paulina is a World Champion also and together they make the best team! Although he has all of us women to put up with and he may be a prick at times, 

   “He is OUR Prick!!” πŸ˜πŸ’―πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ˜‚πŸ’™

Be “Viking Fit” Today!

Do you feel stuck in a rut in terms of physical activity? Do you feel you’re too unfit to begin that class,  to go to the gym or get out & move? Too often out of fear and a lack of self belief/confidence we procrastinate about beginning some exercise and moving our bodies.

I know this because I have been there! “I will begin tomorrow” or “I will join that class/gym once I’m fitter”. We can talk our minds into believing just about anything! We talk our minds into these beliefs out of FEAR. We fear that we will be ridiculed at the gym, we fear we won’t be able to spend long on the treadmill until one is puffing for air, we fear joining that class because of who is present and what opinion/judgements they will have etc The list could go on & on and as mentioned we make up our own little reasons that we try to justify for avoiding a situation/putting it off. 

I have always loved physical exercise and keeping fit. I have always been involved in some form of sport/exercise. It is so important to find some way of moving one’s body that you enjoy whether it be basketball, football, running, dancing etc It releases those endorphins that make us feel good,make us feel happy and motivated. Yes it can be tough if one has weight to lose/injuries to contend with but sadly unless one takes that initial first step to move, that weight will remain, those aches and pains won’t disappear and perhaps may only get worse.

I appreciate my body so much more after having been injured with my knee and being unable to move freely for so long. I basically had to learn how to walk again. It was one of the biggest challenges/struggles that has faced me in life but looking back on it, it has also been a massively important life lesson. It also could have been worse! I didn’t lose my leg! There’s always a blessing amidst a situation! As previously mentioned in another piece I have also had problems with food intolerances this summer and for the last 7 months have been trying to get to the bottom of it. Again I didn’t feel like myself, I felt trapped somewhat in my own body as I was unable to run, unable to exercise properly and move the way I had always known! Did I stop moving, give up and succumb to my body’s difficulties? Yes some days I certainly did, I got fed up of trying to go for that run without focusing on the twinges of pain in my knee, without feeling like I wanted to puke at the roadside and so I didn’t move my body. I was allowing my body to rule my mind, and my lifestyle. 

Nobody can make another do something until they themselves are ready to take that initial step. For a number of weeks a friend of mine kept urging me to go to a class for strength and conditioning , to change up my routine of running & the gym, to try a different avenue as the avenue I was trying to follow was blocked and I was staying in the same spot unable to move forward. 

Eventually I decided to give this class a go. I was going to take that first initial step. The establishment is called “Viking Fit” and I will never forget that first day walking through the doors with all those feelings of fear, anxiety and dread as to what was facing me. What was the instructor going to be like? What were the others in the class going to think of me? Will they talk to me and make me feel at ease or will it be a place where there are so many cliques and they all know each other? Will I be fit enough to complete the exercises? Will I be the unfittest there? Again the mind can drive you completely daft and can really control what one believes and even alter reality! 

I had absolutely NOTHING to worry about. I can honestly say that from the moment I stepped into Viking Fit I was made feel at ‘home’. Everyone was so friendly, took an interest into who I was and  helped to show me the ‘ropes’. Mick, the instructor caters for everyone’s needs and levels of fitness, adjusting exercises as needed to the level that you are at. Nobody is made to feel inferior or not welcome. Everyone encourages each other and motivates/uplifts another. There is always laughter to be heard (well most of the time, there can also be other various noises heard!! Ha ha) there is always an element of fun and one can forget that it’s ‘working out’. This is because it doesn’t ‘feel’ like hard work when there’s fun involved, when there’s others to move you along and always an encouraging word or two. Thankfully today I am beginning to feel like my old self once again, I don’t feel trapped inside my body or hindered by my injury/ailments. As Mick himself stated “Fitness doesn’t take talent or skill

A couple of weeks ago my friend drew my attention to a lady called Turia Pitt. She suffered 65% burns to her entire body after a bushfire ripped through the ultramarathon course she was competing in. She spent six months in hospital, had numerous finger amputations and a badly scarred face. She had to relearn the most basic of human functions to get to a feeling of normality again. I have just finished reading her book and it couldn’t have come at a more apt time! She is one of the most determined, optimistic, strong and courageous people I have read/heard about. A true inspiration. It gave me the grounding that I needed to keep fighting for my hopes/dreams/aspirations and to never Give Up, to keep focused and believing in myself. It also highlights the importance of keeping physically active for that healthy mind. I believe if one doesn’t have a ‘healthy’ mind one doesn’t have health. Her book: “Everything to Live For”, a must read for everyone! 

“Move Your Body

Move Your Mind

Take that Step &

Become Redefined” 

(Deirdre Ward)