Run with Your Heart, Your Head Will Follow 🌟📚

The very best of luck to all students receiving their Leaving Certificate results today.

I remember the day I received mine, first in line (one of the perks of having your Dad as Principal!!) I was delighted and shocked with the results I received and felt extremely proud of myself. However I do remember judging the ‘lower’ marks and wondering why I had not scored higher. Gosh we can be such critics even when overall the result was more than I wanted and expected.

I wanted to share a few words of what I would tell that 18year old Deirdre today:

You should be so so proud of yourself and the results you attained. You worked hard and reaped the benefits. You got enough points to enter into the degree you wanted – a B.Ed, Primary School Teacher Training course in St.Pats.

Or was this what you wanted? Did you take enough time to be with yourself, try to figure out exactly the route you wanted to take and go for it? To be honest you probably did but maybe you didn’t fully know what you wanted to do, you thought you did but this was based really on one stint of work experience in a school. You hadn’t tried other sectors and areas of work to test out whether they’d suit you or not? And let’s be honest teaching runs in the Wards so deep down you probably felt this was what you ‘should’ do!

This path you began was most definitely NOT a regret. You have always known its children you wanted to work with, your inner most deepest passion is to help them and connect fully with them. Sadly teaching didn’t ‘do it all’ for you, there was a piece missing and it wasn’t fulfilling your every dream. This is NOT failing this is knowing you could leave a bigger mark on this world. You knew you could help more, give yourself more to children and that’s why you took the route of Play Therapy later in your career.

But don’t for one second think that this happened organically. It didn’t. It happened ‘because’ of your three years at college, your 8 years of teaching experience both nationally and internationally in Abu Dhabi. Had you not experienced all this, had you not become the teacher first you would not have made the breakthrough that this key didn’t fully fit!

So my message to you Deirdre is Well Done on your Leaving Cert results, it wasn’t easy studying and sitting exams especially when there was an illness in the family, added worries and fears but you got through, you survived and even though you passed with flying colours it didn’t define you, it wasn’t the ‘be all and end all’, you’re not even on the same path today that you began back then.

Life isn’t about travelling on the straight and narrow, headed forward on a long stretch ahead, no it’s much much more Deirdre.

It’s in those back roads, those trips off the beaten track, those ups and downs, those hills and pot holes! That’s where meaning lies, where sparks of light and darkness fall, where lessons are learned and ultimately how you keep following your heart.

The destination is not the end goal, it truly is ‘within’ the journey, the journey you take, following your heart, your gut and soul; those parts of YOU that speak your truth and uplift you! But never loose sight of your mind, your head- keep it tucked safely in the boot of the car for this too is needed along the journey, just don’t allow it to take command and steer your path!

So to anyone today who’s not fully happy with the results you’ve received, try not to worry, they don’t define you, there are plenty more paths/routes to follow that lead you to your destination. There’s ALWAYS a choice, all is not lost! 🚙