Start Afresh Today! 👍💛

Start Afresh Today, None of us know what’s Ahead so try as much as possible to Be Present each moment of Today. It can be a really difficult task, we all have worries down the line, commitments, plans however sadly life can end in an instance so really is there any point worrying too much about next week? –
I became an auntie today for the 4th time to a beautiful baby boy. It got me thinking about how innocent, care free we are as babies, FULL of potential and happy with the basic needs of being fed, loved, warmth and rest. Some days it is about bringing it back to basics, being Grateful for what we’ve got in this moment today. Children can be such free souls, living life this way. We can learn a lot from them. –
Don’t allow life’s worries and stress to Rob you of your joy, happiness and sense of peace today. Dig deep if you have to, reach within and find that place of reassurance, trust and love for yourself and your world. –
Ways I help myself be present in the moment:
*Flip my Thoughts: If I find a negative thought entering my mind I try as much as I can to catch it, recognise it and then reverse it. eg. You’re tired today and it’ll be a long day = today will be a fun day with work, with helping the children and families you meet and as a result you’ll feel energised. .
*Deep Breathing: As I can be on the road a lot I’ve taken much more notice of how I’m sitting in my seat, what my posture is like and how it affects my whole body. I also have started being more conscious of my breathing, practising some deep breaths and holding them for 4sec. This helps me calm my whole system down.
*My Basic Needs: just like that baby, each day I am ensuring that I too have my needs met, have I eaten well, have I rested, have I moved my body and have I felt loved. It’s so important to begin with these as if we don’t those higher needs like self-esteem and productivity wont happen! –
Start Afresh Today! .
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The Ripple Effect 🤔🌊

Yesterday I attended a very insightful, inspiring and valuable workshop which made me stop, self-reflect, reflect on my business, my story, my values and what makes me unique/stand apart from the crowd.

Human connections continue to amaze me. There are those people that I instantly click with, feel like I’ve known all my life, who ‘get me’ and those whom I hold so much love in my heart for, it could literally burst open! One of my valuable qualities ❤️

While at this workshop yesterday, the notion that Isaac Newton discovered arose that

“for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”

This is a bit like Karma, the belief that you receive from the world what you give to the world.

I like to believe in this and trust that it is true. I especially like to remind myself of this when my day is challenging, when I’m feeling deflated, when I feel pain and need some comfort. I remind myself that I am a good person, I am honest, passionate, full of love, forgiving and understanding.

At times when I am having one of those tougher days it can seem like my luck will never change, that those dreams/wishes are so far-off, out of reach and never going to happen. Until…..

I take ACTION, the Universe sees and hears my efforts, my attempts and productivity. It’s like it starts lending a hand, aligning things on my path – people, opportunities, coincidences and I once again TRUST and continue to have that strong FAITH that there is a higher power at work. The plan for my life is already laid out for me, all will be revealed and that everything, absolutely everything (no matter how small) does happen for a reason!

We are energy, living in a world that’s constantly vibrating, messages being sent every second, actions and reactions happening all around.

Try today to ‘see‘ more of these little blessings, incidents today that give you a sense of ‘wonder’ and ‘awe’

“Everything happens for a Reason –

No Coincidences






It’s ALL Part of Your Plan

Remain Calm!”

(Deirdre Ward)