H E A R T B E A T 🖤



“My Mark imprinted

Upon your waist

A daily reminder

That life’s too short

To waste!

Out of Love?

Out of Fear?

Both entangled

While my

Heart beat near.

A distant sound now

Too painful to touch

The Fear lingers on

But surely LOVE’s

Beat remains strong?”



The Tough Cookie xx



A VERY personal poem to share this Friday morning. In the past I used to open up and share my meaning and interpretations however I now rather you, the readers to take meaning of your own from my words to help you in your world. 🙏🖤🌎



I am healing and becoming stronger and it feels great to be able to begin viewing painful past experiences in a differing light. Perspective is crucial and as long as you’re flexible and adaptable I do believe you can handle no matter what comes your way. Remember you’re a Tough Cookie 💪🏻🍪



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Focus Focus Focus 🏌🏻‍♀️⛳️💆🏻‍♀️

Lately I’ve been feeling quite agitated and stressed out with all that I have on, work commitments and the workload involved with my Masters. I have been feeling exhausted and lacking energy, allowing stress and negative thoughts run my life. I’ve given too much power to the negative and doubting mind. I’ve realised I don’t Trust myself enough.
I love the work I do, I love taking on new challenges and any opportunity that comes along my way. However then I can feel a sense of impending doom e.g. I’m away tomorrow to Derry to a circus school (which is so exciting!) not to join the circus sadly but to provide training for them in helping them develop Resilience within their programmes for children. Knowing that I am quite a Resilient person I know what I’m taking about yet the closer tomorrow approaches the more anxious and negative I am becoming. Why? I’ve figured out its that I don’t Trust myself enough.
Ways I’m Practising Self-Trust:
Memories: I keep recalling other trainings I’ve facilitated, remembering how well they’ve went and how I was more than capable.
Gentle Self-Talk: I am making a conscious effort to speak gently to myself, making powerful ‘I AM’ and ‘I CAN’ statements to rid my mind of self-deprecating phrases.
Breathe: Some days I am so busy, rushing around organising work and avoiding to connect fully with my self and my body. It might sound daft but some days I find breathing slowly and slowing down my body difficult! Today I’m taking short breaks for 2mins to consciously BREATHE slowly and deeply!
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Look with LOVE 💖

How do YOU practice LOVE? Particularly Self-Love. So many books and experts for wellbeing preach about the importance of Self-Love. It is very true that you cannot love another fully until you’ve accepted and love yourself, however WHY do we find it SO difficult to Look Lovingly at ourselves and see the Love we hold? .
What has happened in your life that has made you believe that you’re not capable, not worthy, not good enough and not loving enough? .
As a child we make meanings that aren’t necessarily true, we don’t realise perhaps the whole picture or story but we attach associations and meanings that remain with us for a long time until we have the awareness that they’re in fact FALSE! .
Ways I am Practising: .
. *Look: each day look for 1 positive about myself, physically and within my personality. See the Love! .
*Overcome: those old and false beliefs that we acquired about ourselves and perhaps others. Let the Go! .
Visualise: how you’d like to see yourself, what steps you’d like to make for some positive changes within your life. .
Emerge: enjoy transforming into the LOVING person that you are, it feels so much better to talk gently to yourself and others, act in ways that are loving and gentle. .
See yourself with eyes of LOVE, then your world will feel and look beautiful and bright! 💖🌟 .
#selflove #eyesoflove #outlook #interactions #transform #positivechanges

Show Up, Share, Speak Your Truth 🗣❤️

Share Your Truth with the World 🗣 .
For so long I shied away from giving my opinion, sharing my thoughts and beliefs. I think I was afraid to, I didn’t feel they were valid enough or even respected. I did find it difficult for my voice to be heard.
It’s not that anybody stopped me, I made this decision myself. It wasn’t safe enough to speak up, I had told myself this as a very young girl and it remained within my mind for many years. .
I then found my release and outlet through my blog and began to appreciate what I had to say, how I felt and believed enough to begin to share my truth with the world. It was daunting, it was exhilarating and it was most definitely WORTH IT! Some days I don’t feel like sharing, I prefer to keep myself privately tucked away. That is OK! It’s healthy to have a balance between sharing and keeping to yourself.
What I’ve Learned from Sharing Myself & Speaking My Truth: .
*You’re Not Alone: From writing my Blogs, sharing my Insta-lives I’ve found that there are Many others who are feeling the same way, believe in the same thoughts and have had similar experiences. There is comfort in knowing this & it can be reassuring that you’re not alone when times are tough.
*Celebrate: When you authentically share a piece of you the universe celebrates along with you. People are loving and supportive. Mostly others want to see you succeed, grow and bloom! There’s no point being envious or jealous of another’s achievements, celebrate each other’s growth, be inspired by another so that it motivates and drives you to smash those goals that you have set!
*Alleviates Pressure: When you ‘expose’ yourself, take down that mask that you’ve been wearing for years and live your true self there is a sense of pressure being removed, a weight is lifted. It is within the body that you can feel a lightness. There’s no more pretence, what you see is what you get!! I know for me when I opened up about my adoption, my experiences, my grief it was like a heavy weight and cloud was lifted from me and I felt more alive than I had ever felt. Yes it can be painful but yes it can be beautiful & worth it!
#reveal #removethemask #honesty

Spread Your Wings Women

Happy International Women’s Day to all you Beautiful, Courageous, Free Spirited, Determined Women our there! Today is a day to Celebrate ALL that we women encompass.

Reflect this morning on what makes You You? What achievements have you been Proud of, what traits do you Love about yourself? What challenges have you Overcame in the past? You’re stronger, more beautiful and more capable than you believe to be true.

I feel honoured to know and have such wonderful women in my life – women who have suffered with mental health and depression, with breakups, with miscarriage, with loss, with financial difficulties, with domestic violence, with adoption, with addictions, with abuse, with low self image and self esteem. Life can be pretty cruel when it wants to be.

However when I think of these beautiful women (you all know who you are!) and also of the woman that I’m becoming (I’m continually evolving, just like that butterfly!!) my heart can’t help but feel warmth, pride, strength and admiration. From working in therapy my eyes have been opened even more with how wonderful mothers are (men also but that’s another day of celebration!). A mothers love knows no limit, even when a mother hasn’t prioritised a child there is always a reason, an internal struggle, a piece that needs healing within. It restores my faith in humanity when I hear of the lengths and measures some mothers go to for their children, their partners and their families. Sometimes that woman is holding everything and everyone together – the glue of the family. Wow!

Each day I am acknowledging more and more the struggles I have been through, learning those important lessons, reflecting on my thoughts/emotions and behaviours in order to become an even more wonderful woman! Learning for me is continuous as long as I am living. I will never admit to knowing it all, I love to learn from those I meet, I love to hear their story, connect on their level and appreciate them for who they are.

At times I feel us Women can be envious and jealous of each other. I put my hand up and admit it. I can feel threatened by another’s beauty, another’s body type and size, another’s wealth, relationships. I’m only human, jealousy is a natural emotion and it can’t help but arise. What I CAN help is HOW I use it. I can acknowledge the other persons characteristics I admire, I love and those that I’m envious of. In acknowledging them I’m creating them too for myself, my life and become determined to achieve it.

Build each other up rather than tear each other down. Allow Your Wings to lift you up rather than weigh you down. Fly High! 🦋

Wilted or Blooming….?🥀🌹

Adopted, Athletic, A Friend, A Daughter, A Sister, A Teacher, An Auntie, Abu Dhabi Rose, A Blogger, A Play Therapist…

Am I finally appreciating ALL that I Am?

I’ve become extremely aware, mindful and analytic since beginning my journey as a blogger and therapist. Pondering Life, its mysteries, its interactions and experiences. What events or people sparked this inside of me or was it always an innate feature I held and I just had to find the key to unlock and unleash that part of Deirdre? 🔑 I’m unsure of the answer but answers don’t matter. What matters is it’s happening, I’m evolving and to answer the question from above: am I wilting or blooming? I believe it’s a journey of both!

When I state that answers don’t matter I can’t help but giggle slightly to myself as answers were the be all and end all for me previously. I had to try to control my life, figure it all out, find those answers so that I had reasons, explanations and logic. Being Adopted leaves you with a lot of questions unanswered and pieces of information missing so I think it makes perfect sense that that’s how I operated, don’t you? However there is little joy in trying to live life that way. Nobody can control life, other people or find out all those mysteries. Imagine if we did know everything, could control life and others, the world would be either a very mundane place or extremely chaotic. There is beauty in not knowing and I can see that now. Destiny unfolds a day at a time and I’ve learned (and continue to learn!) to trust more and more the plan that is paved out for me.

While teaching in Abu Dhabi, my mental health took an extreme low due to grieving the loss of my mother, being immersed in a culture where I didn’t feel I had any voice or much freedom, I did feel as if I was wilting away! Being crowned Abu Dhabi Rose and heading for Tralee really was one experience that to be truthful saved me in a sense. I had something positive to aim towards. I would say it, along with a lot of self-help and healing got me out of a black hole of depression. In a sense it helped me connect with the true Deirdre Ward, my identity and what I stood for. I remember openly sharing my journey of Mams illness and death, teaching in Ireland and Abu Dhabi and most importantly to me, sharing my faith. I was beginning to bloom and become my authentic self.

The Rose of Tralee helped me learn a great deal about myself. I remember standing on stage in the dome when the winner was being announced and my heart fell when I didn’t hear my name being called. Not out of greed, not out of selfishness but I felt hopelessness in that moment. I had attached a lot of meaning and significance on winning as the saving grace I was looking for to help me escape Abu Dhabi (as I was miserable out there and felt stuck!) Looking back now if I had won, if I had that easy ticket home from the UAE I wouldn’t have unfolded a lot more about myself and thankfully a few more petals began to grow! After the festival I went back, I had to find my voice to stand up for my wishes, my beliefs and my LIFE. That’s when the real Tough Cookie began to emerge. I found my power and my voice. I left work, I began my Tough Cookie Blog and I made the decision to become a Play Therapist. Aren’t I so grateful and glad I did!

So where does that leave me today? Wilted or Blooming? I like to think I’ve shed the petals that were of no use to me – the fearfulness, the low self-esteem and self doubt, the small voiced Deirdre unable to stand tall and speak her truth. I have gained soo many beautiful new petals and most definitely blooming. I’m honest with myself, I’m acknowledging my gifts and uniqueness, I appreciate my past and how it’s molded me however I don’t allow it to define me. I’m excited and enthusiastic about my future and determined to keep hitting those goals. I have established my business of Play Therapy – UNLOCK (www.unlockirl.ie) wherein I provide a whole family approach to well-being and support so that no child or adult has to grow up feeling restricted by their beliefs, experiences or self doubts, so that everyone can see their unique talents and gifts in a positive way.


Deirdre, The ‘Tougher Cookie’ 🙋🏻💪🏻🍪

Ok so I’m changing my mind on the whole being ‘tough‘ part. I had previously thought that as much as I LOVE being the Tough Cookie I had thought the last few years I had to crumble (which I have, and still do on occasion!! Sure who has it ALL together?!!), to let down my defences, be more gentle and not be so tough. Yes I still believe there was incredible learning within this, having this mentality and embracing this softer, vulnerable side of myself…..


What I also found was that when you’re gentle, kind hearted, caring, soft people can fecking take advantage of that side to you. They can view you as a pushover, someone to meet their needs for them, to somewhat walk all over at times. I embraced the bold, angry side of myself, I released some old, pent up emotions but lately I have gone back to being the old Deirdre of sorts that puts others first, allows her pain to be swallowed and withheld inside. And once again the old issues arise, the feelings of doubt, unworthiness, anxiety and somatic/bodily complaints.

Enough IS Enough!! I have made a promise to myself that I am now the Tougher Cookie!! Someone recently put this into my mind, I was unsure whether I agreed or even liked this term, explaining that in order to become strong and ‘tough’, I had to crumble, to be vulnerable etc I wasn’t so sure if I wanted to be TOUGHER!! Now I SEE! This is actually a really positive nickname/association. Thanks to that friend for pointing it out to me.

I AM tougher in that I don’t allow anyone to hurt me anymore, I use my voice, I express my opinions, I decide what’s best for me and MY life, I Love, I Give, I follow my Passion, I look on my Past with Gratitude, with Joy, with Anger, with Pain but that is ALL OK! Why? Because IM deciding it is! I, Deirdre Nicole Ward ‘the Tougher Cookie’ says so. In the past I would have been tough by trying to do everything myself, take the world on my shoulders, strive for perfection, whereas now I see there’s strength in asking for help, in confiding in others, in letting your guard down, in honesty and sharing yourself, in trusting others but most importantly trusting yourself; that gut feeling!


“To Toughen Up

Doesn’t mean to be Abrupt

Not Rude

In a Mood

Or to Exclude!

It’s Finding Inner Strength

A Positive Wavelength

Tune in & Listen

To Yourself

Your ‘Tougher Cookie’

And See what

You Could Be!”

(Deirdre Ward)


How often in a day do you let your worries and fears take over? Consume your mind? Sap your energy? It’s draining isn’t it! How much more productive, less worried and more peaceful would you be without all those fears?

Anxiety is horrible. It can happen over the ‘smallest‘ thing but seem like the ‘biggest‘. It blows situations/decisions/feelings up into ongoing worries that can be debilitating and negative leaving you feeling powerless and stuck.

What would it feel like to be so powerful that nothing causes an overwhelming worry or fear? We are only human and it’s normal that we will become worried and fearful but how would it sound to be so empowered that once those feelings come along, YOU have the power to let them go? To automatically deal with them in a positive way? To be productive and pro-active in sorting them out?

It sounds good doesn’t it! Well it IS possible. It’s all in the STORY you tell yourself. If you speak words of Power, Behave as if you’re Powerful, remind yourself every second of the day, it does become Reality; you stand taller, you speak more confidently, you take risks, you grab life at full force and you’re living!

I’m Powerful, I’m Strong

This is where I Belong!

Strength 💪🏻🌟🌸

I’ve often looked back and asked myself over and over When did it happen? How did it happen? Did it hit me overnight?  Here’s what I’ve figured out. I’m an anxious person. I’ve always been an anxious person. Like even as a child I was fearful and worried all the time.

I used to go to Irish dancing. The dancing practice was nerve wrecking enough but the competitions. Oh man were they hell for me. Mum would think I’d fallen asleep in the back seat, I was so quiet. She’d look in the mirror and there I was. Deep in thought staring out the window. I was thinking, What if I fail? What if I do badly? Will my parents hate me? Am I good enough? Will people laugh? I was a mess. Then when I got there I would be sweating profusely. Not normal at all. Mum would give me coins to hold so that I would keep my hands closed,an old Irish dancing trick. They would be dripping in sweat. I’d get up there full of adrenaline and do my best. I’d do okay. Then she would say that I was a different child. She literally took a different child home. I was happy, chatty and full of life.

Fast forward to primary school. I think sixth class. I was at a table that was called the ‘smart’ table. Though they had a different name on it. Who was ‘they‘ you ask? Some other kids in the school. I was not very good at dealing with this. They would call us names sometimes during classes. Maybe it was the freak table. I don’t even know. I feel like I’ve suppressed it. But I remember going home and smiling like everything was just great. I was embarrassed mum and dad would think I was a loser. So I never dealt well with that. Again, ALL anxiety related.

Secondary school in the beginning was okay. I dealt with the death of my granny in a very negative way. I held onto it and spoke to no one. I felt like granny understood me. When I would visit her at her home she would put lavender on my sleeves and tell me that it would help calm me. I figured she got it. She knew the storm that was brewing inside me. When she died I got angry. Angry and sad. But I held it inside. I didn’t share much with anyone. The bullying in my early years was mild enough. Just some boys bullying me about my acne. I remember passing around my diary one day to get it signed in English class and a boy wrote that my skin was spotty and ‘I loved it.’  I went home and cried. That led me to go on Roaccutane.

Roaccutane is a drug used to treat extreme acne. It’s a very serious drug because it causes a lot of serious side effects. I fell in love with it. My skin was becoming beautiful. I didn’t care about the side effects. Until one day I snapped and I was throwing things and breaking things. The anger and mood swings were unreal. There, on this drug, entered my first thoughts of suicide. Like I felt like maybe Everyone would be happier if I was gone. Maybe this wasn’t for me. This world and my emotions didn’t seem to go together. My parents have said if they could go back in time they wouldn’t put me on it. But I have to say it saved my skin and gave me something to be proud of. Side effects passed and time went on. I was happy in school for the most part. I was busy falling in love and going out with friends. I was getting good marks in most subjects and I got on well with most people. I wasn’t surrounded by people but I tried not to hurt people. But I did.

I remember one time hurting a friend by making her feel left out and alone. I messed up big time. I invited my boyfriend along at the time to something that should of just been me and her.  She felt alone and by herself. I told her I shouldn’t have done it and said I was sorry. The next day at school though another girl was talking about me because of it and telling everyone else. I was confused as it wasn’t really her business. We also used to be best friends. She really disliked me. To the core. I learned in time from someone else who was close to her, she despised me. That’s okay too. You can’t like everyone. But I think she had a lot of influence. Because some girls listened and I felt left out a lot my last year. I wouldn’t say anything of course. I’d sit there quietly at break dying inside pretending everything was amazing. I don’t know why but I was never good at using my voice. When I did fight back I did it in a bad way. I tried to hurt people the way they hurt me. I just didn’t understand what my feelings were. I was always good at being silent. Pretending things were just fine.

Anxiety hit again for my last year in school. Like I mean I didn’t want to do any work. The fear of failure was unreal. Some girls were talking bad about me and I found myself in the toilet one day crying and begging the vice principal to call my mum. I wanted to go home. I used to listen to all the gossip about myself and I believed it all. I wanted people to like me so badly that I let what they thought of me get me down. I always needed validation. Always needed approval. However I got through it all. But not without a suicide attempt that I told my mum about. She spoke to me and begged me to speak to her. I did to some extent. I felt like a failure all over again. Like I’d let them down. At this stage in my life I genuinely felt like they’d be better off without me. This was something I truly believed.

Again I got through it but I never dealt with it. I didn’t know how. Next I went to college. Fell out with a best friend. Went through some more depression. I had no outlet. I had let this anxiety build and build and then it manifested itself as Depression. My best friend then at the time who I trusted with my life totally ghosted me in March. This confused me and I then had no one to pour my heart out to. Both events are normal enough. Natural at this time in life but I was so introverted that I didn’t speak about it. I am such a sensitive person that when I love, I love hard. So losing people in life was never easy for me.

I became depressed again and isolated. This time however something snapped. All the years of blocking it all and holding it inside had finally worn me down. I was done. I tried to overdose one night. I called my parents from college and told mum that I wasn’t doing well. She booked me a flight to come home. I cried the whole way home on the plane and then in the car when they collected me. I wasn’t bouncing back this time. This time I wasn’t able to push it all down and continue with life as normal. This time it was consuming me. I still remember my heart thumping like it was going to come through my chest. I remember not feeling joy in anything. Not wanting to eat. Begging my mind to let me sleep. The only option seemed to be to stop it all. I cried so much that my eyes were continuously red, swollen and sore. I was losing weight and I was losing who I was.

My parents were worried. I was supposed to be sitting final exams at school and I didn’t want to. I was through with college. I was done with it all. That feeling of worthlessness came over me again. Why did my parents even care. It’s not like I was anything special. Again I felt so strongly about them being better off without me. Something was deeply wrong. My GP referred me to a doctor in Dublin. My parents went private out of worry and fear and I flew up to see him. He recognised all of the symptoms and said that I had pushed it down inside me for so long. High functioning anxiety for years and I had finally hit the lowest stage of my life, I was Depressed he said. He told me that I didn’t need to suffer and could start Prozac. I jumped at the chance. Yes please. I had reached my limit. Suicidal thoughts and anxiety had finally worn me down. My family had been put through enough and I needed a nights sleep that didn’t involve Panadol night or Zimovane from the GP.

I started the Prozac and at the time it was necessary for me. Everyone is different. Some people don’t need it and some do. It saved my life. I don’t doubt that for a second. Then as I was better I started to seek counselling and therapy. Started to read more about mental health and how to calm the mind. I started to figure out who I was and how I’d come to be so anxious. That’s when life started to really make sense. Life became beautiful. Eventually I got off the Prozac and focused on the therapy and Techniques.

In a nutshell that seems to be where my depression and anxiety stemmed from. Spending all my life being seen and not heard. Being afraid to spill my darkest thoughts to anyone out of fear I would be labelled a failure. Fear that I would be labelled a freak. Fear that I wasn’t good enough. Fear that I would mess up my family’s lives. So I pushed it down until it finally boiled over and blew up all over my face. It’s funny how it creeps up on you.

So now I spill my guts. I’m stronger. I’ll say I had a bad day. I’ll admit I’m anxious and nervous. I’ll admit when I’ve made mistakes and I’ll admit when I need help.  I think about things more methodically. I pause before I act. I breathe deeply. I realise my mistakes have made me who I am. I try to be as kind as I can to everyone. I’m careful with my words and I try to offer those who seem to be suffering some words of advice or just a smile.

I’ve realised that my anxiety and depression doesn’t define me. It doesn’t make me a freak or a failure. It makes me human, and a pretty damn strong one at that.

Thank you to this wonderful person for sharing their story for The Tough Cookie Blog. If anyone else would like to share their story just send me a message💪🏻🍪😉

Be OPEN 🙋🏻🙌🏻

For so long I tried to control my life, the decisions I made, predict the future and grasped onto it tightly. Nobody can control life and this week I know I have finally surrendered to this fact and I’m living my life as best I can being ‘OPEN‘ to all experiences.

Yes at times we do have control, we do make decisions, follow that gut feeling. I don’t believe any path we journey down is ‘right/wrong’ for us, no matter which way we travel there are lessons along the way, pain, joy, love and various people we meet for lots of reasons.

I honestly think I lived my life in Fear for so long, the fear of failure, the fear of disappointment, the fear of loss, of love, of pain. God I was wrapped up in all those fears??! How was that living? I felt any time I did venture off path slightly it wasn’t the vision I had planned, the dream I foresaw. Felt disappointed. Why? I genuinely think because I held expectations too tightly fixed, decided in my mind it was going to be ‘one way’ and only that way! This didn’t do me ANY favours.

My faith has grown stronger and stronger and this is what helps me to TRUST and hand over worries, doubts, frustrations. It helps my Fear to subside, to Trust my gut feelings and to be Confident to walk down the paths I feel fit for me.

I’m now 30 and yes I would love to meet that ‘knight in shining armour’. Don’t we all dream of this?! I have come to the stage of my life (thankfully) where I have worked hard on myself, found ways to heal my wounds and don’t need anybody else to come and ‘fix’ me! The best way is to fix yourself, feel free and then be able to give yourself entirely to that special somebody to love the rest of your life together.

Do I know when that will be? Do I know who that will be? No. For too long I tried to control this so finally I’m open to new experiences, to feeling free & having fun again, to ‘wonder’ who I’ll meet along the way!

Everything happens for a reason!

“Take off those Shackles

Set yourself Free

You CAN Tackle


You’ve Got Each Key”

(Deirdre Ward)

Take Notice!! 🕵🏻‍♀️🕵🏻‍♂️🔎

The part of this quote that really struck a chord within me was the first line. How often do we look down at the ground instead of holding our head high? Avoid making eye contact, avoiding connections with others? Too occupied with looking down at our phone screen? Do you look up enough each day, take notice of the people and things around you?

Personally I know some days I’m quite observant, I’m naturally curious and I like to wonder about my life. Wonder about why things worked out the way they did in the past, curious to know how my life will unfold in the future. But all too often I avoided being in the present moment, being content with what I have/felt/faced right here, right now. It’s no easy task!! Wishing I could turn back time to better, happier days, wanting to fast forward to my vision, to reaching various goals. At times I’m very impatient about all of this! However, most importantly I don’t acknowledge ENOUGH how far I HAVE come, goals I HAVE achieved and differences I HAVE made!

We don’t give ourselves enough credit or praise. We aren’t a nation that’s bursting with confidence and pride. On Wednesday I had the honour of judging the Student Enterprise Programme, an initiative by the Local Enterprise Office. I met, interacted with and listened to 20 groups (some individual) of teenagers from Secondary Schools around Co. Donegal who had developed an idea and were running mini companies. I was blown away by the standard of products/services but the biggest observation I had was how CONFIDENT these pupils were, the PASSION and ENTHUSIASM that oozed from them was inspiring. I ‘wondered’ about how I was at that age growing up, I began to be ‘curious’ about how the world is changing and evolving!

At the minute there is so much talk about the problems with social media, with bullying and the worrying effects of too much exposure on young people today. Yes I agree to an extent it is a problem and one that needs to be tackled but my view changed on Wednesday when I saw how these pupils used social media effectively to run businesses, when I saw how socially engaged they were when interacting with myself and the judges and most importantly how much they had SELF-BELIEF and a VISION. I for one most definitely didn’t have those skills at their age. Another word comes to mind is RESILIENCE, there are talks of our young people today lacking resiliency but if that group of young people are anything to go by it’s safe to say resiliency is still present today!

“Look Up

Not Down!

What’s All Around?

Are YOU A Part

Or Apart?

It’s OK to Restart!”

(Deirdre Ward)