Take A Leap Today 💪🏻🧚🏻‍♀️👟

When did YOU last take a leap of Faith? Tried something new? Took a chance? Did something for the benefit of others?

I have signed up to complete this tandem parachute jump on the August bank holiday for a charity ‘No Barriers Foundation’ whose MISSON is to raise funds for an Exoskeleton suit for use in the North & North West of Ireland. This will enable children/adults who have muscle difficulties from mild muscle weakness to severe spinal cord injuries. Can you imagine never knowing what it’s like to walk or stand up? This sadly is reality for so many but this suit can make this dream of theirs a reality with the help of this suit. There are currently only 4 in Ireland.

So WHY have I decided to get involved? I have witnessed the fragility of life first hand, I’ve seen and felt how your whole world can be changed over night, when bad news comes knocking on your door, when health is removed and sickness faces your family. We never know what is around the corner so why do we become stuck? Why do we put things off until ‘someday’ or ‘tomorrow’? Why not take the bull by the horns as the saying goes and live every opportunity that comes your way TODAY?

I had an urge to complete another challenge, to help others and this came along at the perfect time, I like to think of it as divine timing. Every day in my work and through my own personal experiences of being Adopted, loosing my Mam to cancer I’m seeing how life can affect us and how we can become emotionally blocked, anxious, fearful, angry, frustrated. These feelings don’t go away, they can become suppressed and affect us later in life if not dealt with TODAY. Us Irish at times can be renowned for ‘brushing things under the carpet’, not addressing that ‘elephant in the room’. But that elephant will eventually be heard, will make its mark, will use its strength and destroy that room if not dealt with. Why do we avoid help? Why do we put it off?

ACT TODAY. Life’s too short. Value yourself and your family. Love your ‘Best Life’, you’ve only got the 1! I remember doing my first skydive in Dubai for raising funds for Chernobyl (I volunteered in 2016) and I will never forget the sense of freedom and of peace I felt. I felt Alive.

Help me to live my best life, by helping others! My goal is to raise €1,000 but I only have a couple of weeks to do so (4-5weeks). Help me make a difference. Take a Leap or Faith with me!

Any donations are greatly appreciated, every little counts in helping make a big difference.