Just One More…? πŸΊπŸ·

‘Just one more… I don’t have a drinking problem, I’m being sociable… Sure we have to celebrate the occasion…’ 

So many excuses are made to go out or stay at home and drink alcohol. Ireland has such a drinking culture and for me it is a sad reflection of our nation. It’s not what I want my homeland to be associated with when visitors come or when abroad the impression that people get when they hear I’m Irish. 

I have never liked alcohol and ever since a young child I was always terrified of drunk people, it always made me very cautious, wary and unsure of a person as while under the influence I felt you could never be too sure what they were going to do etc. I remember hiding behind my Dad on numerous occasions at family events in pure terror! 

No I’m not innocent. Yes I drank during my college years and yes I’ve been drunk, have felt myself get to the point of knowing I had little control over myself and my actions. Why? To be honest I’m unsure, probably for numerous reasons. As I said I never liked alcohol, no drink particularly appealed to me, none tasted amazing for me! I have fond memories of my Granny enjoying her Baileys while she lived with us and I used to get to taste it also. That for me was one little positive memory and association with alcohol. But positive associations are far and few for me. For me drinking was a sociable thing to do in college, to ‘fit in’, to have the ‘craic’. Yes there were plenty of laughs but the next morning wakening up with a sore head, a sick stomach, the ‘fear’ of what you did/said the previous night and an empty purse was never worth the ‘laughs’ that were had. Surely those laughs can be had without alcohol? Surely a good night can be had with friends, if true  friends without the hangover the next morning?  

Thankfully I have never been a big drinker. I do believe I drank on occasion to ‘forget’ to ‘block out’ feelings, worries and pain that I was going through in my life. Don’t we all at some stage? Don’t we all face struggles and times that challenge us and we feel despair and just want to numb the pain? For so many they turn to alcohol. But it NEVER erases that pain, those challenges seem even bigger, the despair multiplies and alcohol is never an answer. If anything it worsens situations, it causes more arguments, it damages your health and nothing positive comes from over consumption. Of course I agree that it can help relax you and to have a few sociable drinks with family/friends can be lovely but are you able to stop at a few? That’s the question to ask yourself. 

I don’t drink alcohol anymore, for me it never agreed with me particularly for health reasons and it always brought me down/feeling negative for a day or two afterwards. Why would I want to hurt my body like that? Because of my ongoing challenges with my health I appreciate my body/health and well-being FAR too much to want to poison it with alcohol and aggravate it even more. 

“One More, the Last One..

Who are you Fooling? 

It’s now Beyond Fun.

Take Control 


Climb out of that Hole!”

(Deirdre Ward)