About Deirdre – ‘The Tough Cookie!’



My name is Deirdre Ward, I’m 29 and I come from Donegal, Ireland. I have decided to start this blog that I hope essentially encourages people to have faith, strength and to believe that there is so much more to life than we can see. I feel that at 29, I have gone through a lot in life, perhaps more and undoubtedly less than a lot of 29 year old people out there.

This idea was most definitely sparked by the aftermath of loosing my mam (who died in January 2014). It was and still is such a tough thing to come to terms with. Life is so unexpected and sadly the only definite and expected thing in life is death. I feel for the one most sure thing on this earth, us humans are not well equipped to deal with it. I am not an expert by any means on grieving or dealing with loss but I feel we need to help and support others through our own experiences and stories. I want to try to help anyone out there who has also lost someone, share experiences, glimmers of hope that it is truly not the end of our special relationship with our loved ones.

We must B.E.L.I.E.V.E.


2 thoughts on “About Deirdre – ‘The Tough Cookie!’

  1. A lovely story Deirdre that I totally connect with and I too believe that we never realy loose anyone when they pass on, physical form yes but in spirit they live on! I have a had life changing experience that has thought me that and found, that if we reach deep enough we are all given apart the the obvious ones, very special gifts! We come here to learn and pass them on and as you say we all connect!
    I like you and many people had come through alot before it all got too much and something finally had to give! That was the start of self discovery where many woderfull things about life and why we are here, started to unfold to me!
    Our journeys are hard enough but especially made harder by having to live under the pressures of society, with cosumerism, corruption and the thought system’s expectation ‘s of us and that we feel obliged to everything they mske us feelmwe have to do! As we now know first ofvall about us and then about other people!
    So it is CARPE DEIM all the way now Deirdre and I wish you only the best on the rest your JOURNEY Deirdre X

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    • Thank you so much Rosie for your beautiful message it really means so much when people share their stories that is essentially why I started this so that we can all share and open up and not to be afraid to do that. Thank you X X


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