Do You take Enough Time Out to Rest, Recuperate & Rejuvenate your Whole Being? .
I have been struggling lately with my Health, particularly my gut health & also my Energy reserve. Most mornings I’m awakening feeling as though I’ve not slept a wink. There’s very little left in the tank! WHY?
I am consciously aware of my Why. It’s due to myself taking on too much work, commitments at once rather than balancing it out more & not trying to juggle all at once. It’s also down to myself not feeling able to ‘switch off’ from the stress of my work & college deadlines that hang over me. Thankfully I am finishing up at the end of the month! For me exercise & movement is key to my lifestyle, however lately I’ve been so depleted of energy even the thoughts of a small walk seems unreachable. This is NOT me! I have allowed life to take over & put my self-care on the back burner. .
Lately I’ve put on some extra weight & lack confidence within my body & self-image. A vicious cycle can begin wherein there’s constant negative self-talk and berating myself for not exercising. I can be my worst critic and so unbelievably hard on myself. It’s horrible how we can talk so nastily to ourselves & would never dream of it to another. I’m on annual leave for the next two weeks and heading off to do the 1st leg of the Camino de Santiago. This couldn’t be happening at a more apt time for me. I’m needing some solitude, some peace and to reconnect with myself, my whole self – body, mind, soul. .
I’ve made some promises to myself for when I return: –
-MOVE: Keep your balanced lifestyle of work and movement. Gently ease back to exercising each week, commit to some classes and feel my body once again. Become strong once again.
-PEACE: Find ways to switch off, find calm and slow down this ‘race’ of life. I know I’m on social media too often & my head can be stuck in my phone. I’ve reflexology booked for this evening and I intend to keep a slot on a weekly basis for some gentle, soothing activity such as this.
-EAT WELL: My diet hasn’t been the best, overeating to fuel my body & mind with energy. Craving those carbohydrates to keep me going. Eat Well to Feel Well

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